Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Little Princess Trust

Little Princess Trust

I went to visit the Little Princess Trust charity at the weekend. www.littleprincesstrust.org.uk

They supply and fully fund the best wigs available from all over the world, especially designed for children. They also provide a personal fitting and styling service to ensure the wig is a great fit. Most children cope remarkably well when their hair falls out. For some children however, this can be very upsetting. This is particularly true of young girls, hence the name, Little Princesses.

Over the years I have found that finding specialist, high quality wigs is very difficult and only after a long search did I find something I was happy with. Now I have found the Little Princess Trust I wish it was a charity that was around when I was a little girl and lost my hair to Alopecia at aged 12.

After having alopecia for 15 years and buying into many different wigs the little princess trust have the best wigs I have ever seen. They work at the forefront of the wig making industry and are by far the most caring honest people I have ever dealt with.

If you are an adult like me don’t worry these fantastic wigs are available to you too! You will have to pay for them but they are fantastic value and much cheaper than many of the real hair custom made wig out there. I use to pay £2000 for each real hair wig that I bought but Optima Hair make far superior wigs than the ones i bought and for the price of one of my old wigs I could have 3 or 4 wigs from Optima Hair! The website address is www.optimahair.co.uk and they are based in Birmingham. If you don’t live near Birmingham it is worth the trip believe me! They are the best wig company I have ever used.