Thursday, 14 January 2010

My New Hair

Just wanted to let you know about a new wig that I have bought that is amazing! Its expensive but you all need to know your options... I like my hair really long so it is more expensive for that reason. It is from the company New Hair Technology and they are based in New York. They have a beautiful silky soft real hair and this fantastic base that the hair is sewn into. It is a soft silicone cap that fits so snugly on your head you don’t need to wear tape! It is so snug you might wonder how you get it on! Well what happens is you heat the silicone with your hair dryer and it softens slightly so you can get it onto your head into the correct position.. Before you get your wig they take a cast of your head so the fit is perfect.

My hair arrived beautifully styled but their was no fringe cut (or bangs as the Americans like to call them) as that is up to you to get done by a hair dresser that is local to you so it is customised to your face shape.

I have an appointment to take my wig to the Trevor Sorbie Hair Salon in Manchester on Saturday to get the fringe cut in. Quite excited as I think I am going to feel so confident in my new wig. I looks really natural and does not like so many wigs have too much hair. I will take a photo of it on Saturday and put it up next week so you can see.

I am also waiting to get my wigs back from Optima Hair who work with the little princess trust. Will let you know more about them when once I get them.

All wigs are going to have their pluses and minuses but you need to try a few different kinds and use the one that is right for you. I am just going to let you know the best of what is out there.

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Saturday, 2 January 2010

A Great Way to Make Your Off the Peg Wig More Comfortable

I was getting ready to go out for new years eve and i wanted to wear my lovely new real hair wig. The hair was lovely, long and silky soft, would have cost a fortune if it was made to measure but as it was off the peg it was a lot more affordable.

I usually wear a made to measue wig as the fit is so comfortable, it is made specially to fit my head... Once i put my wig on i forget that i am wearing it and dont really think about it. The problem is that made to measure wigs are more expensive so i thought i would try an off the peg style and see how i got on.

So i was getting ready for my night out for new year... i had my out fit on my make up done and added the finnishing touch of my new off the peg real hair wig.... It did not feel right. It felt like it would just slide off and the netting was itchy on my scalp. That is the main problem with an off the peg wig. The base can be itchy and bulky on your scalp if you have no hair.

Then i had an idea... If you have hair and wear a wig you use a wig cap to tidy away your hair but i have found that if you wear a wig cap even if you have no hair this makes wearing an off the peg wig so much more comforable. I also feel that it made the wig look better too as it fills it out a little bit.

So i wore the wig cap on my head with the wig over the top and i think it works really well. It was so much more comfortable and makes the wig feel really secure without having to wear wig tape. I hate wig tape so i thought this was a really good tip to share with you all.

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