Saturday, 27 November 2010

Diary of my new wig...

I am helping the hair loss experts at  to develop a new kind of wig.  I have mentioned this before in my Blogs, but I finally got my hands on it yesterday!  I am going to keep you up to date with how I get on....  Getting used to a new wig takes a while so I did not want to write one blog saying it's the best wig in the world just yet... With all wigs I am sure it will have its positives, negatives and new lessons to be learnt... So here goes!

Day One
Drove to Leeds to pick up my new hair...  My old wig was ready for the bin, it had holes in the base and the hair was so dry it just looked disgusting! So to say I was excited was an understatement.

Andrea Holden from Hairoom is such a wonderful women and I always enjoy visiting her.  She really listens to you and she is so passionate about her job that she has been doing for many many years.  I have learnt so many sneaky little tips from her over the past few months.  She is a world of knowledge!  

Andrea uses a razor to cut the wig to the style I like... scissors are a big no in her book when cutting a wig as you get a much better result with a razor.  She gave me some lovely layers and was super careful when cutting my fringe.  
As I have said before the hair is synthetic but it is heat resistant and looks just like real hair.  It is much easier to look after than real hair as it is much lighter in weight and has a lovely bounce to it.  After washing it remembers the style that you put it in originally and hair is beautifully smooth.

What i have found is that It needs a little help to get it back into the style you want after washing but no where near as much as when I had real hair.  You can use low heat hair appliances to do this. I have not worn many synthetic wigs in the past so I am learning how to look after it...  looks so like real hair I keep forgetting it is not real hair!?

I have bought hair straighteners that have a low temperature of 80 degrees to help style it. 
Another good tool she told me is a air brush styler to give it some body or some soft curls...

The base is totally breathable.. it has a small bit of silicone in certain areas around the base that clings to your head but I feel that I still need a little wig tape to keep me feeling confident.  It also has a lace front and looks fantastic... It looks like hair growing from my scalp!
Photo does not do this justice!!
As the hair is not real hair I need to look after it with wig shampoo and wig conditioner.  I also need to spray it with fabric oil every day to help with any friction that may happen.  Best thing is that if friction does occur you can use straighteners on a low heat to smooth it out again!
So far I am in love with this wig but it is early days!  I will keep you up to date with how my new wig and I get on so stay tuned!

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Exfoliation... I never knew!?

In all the years I have had Alopecia, I never realised just how important exfoliation was until I spoke to a very knowledgeable lady in the hairloss industry called Andrea Holden.

Me Looking Shocked!! :o)

You need to keep your head exfoliated daily with a gentle facial scrub to remove any dead skin cells.  If any hair does want to grow exfoliating means the hairs will not have to get through anything and will have more change of growth.  Also, while you are massaging the facial wash into your head you get blood circulating to the surface of the skin which boosts your hair follicles!

Another good reason to exfoliate your head is that it makes wig tape work better as your head will be squeaky clean and wig tape will cling to this.  If you wear a wig that is designed to cling to your head this will also make it cling so much more.  

My head has always had a slight greasy feel about it after a few hours after washing, which makes my wig slip!  So after I heard this I just wanted to run home and give my scalp a good deep exfoliation treatment! 

A great exfoliation product is from Lush called Mask of Magnaminty.  This used once a week will have your head in tip top condition! This is great for all skin types as it is really gentle...

This was recommended to me by Andrea Holden.  She is an expert in the hair replacement industry at the Hairoom salon. (

An interesting article I have found says below...

"A properly done scalp massage can increase blood circulation to the hair follicles, increase relaxation, decrease stress, condition the scalp, and boost the strength of the hair roots. The kneading pressure applied by massage warms the skin and opens up blood vessels to increase flow and boost circulation. Increased circulation means that the cells of the hair follicle will receive more of the nutrients necessary to optimal hair growth function. The rubbing motion promotes relaxation and feels good, thus increasing the production of "feel good" chemicals that work to lower levels of stress hormone in the body. Lower stress levels allow your organs to function more efficiently, thus boosting your hair follicle's ability to grow hair." (

To read more click this link

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Thursday, 11 November 2010

Dermatologist Appointment

Today I went for an appointment with the dermatologist, first appointment that I have had in over 5 years... 

15 years ago when I first developed Alopecia I went to the doctors and tried every cream they suggested to help my hair re-grow, but after nothing worked I decided to concentrate on looking the best I could with wigs and make up.  I gave up with the doctors as I felt they could do nothing for me.

With 1 in every 100 people developing Alopecia at some stage in their life,  I wanted to go through the experience again so that I know what others are experiencing when going to their GP or Dermatologist.   That way I can still understand the upset, frustrations and awkward situations we all have to go through. 

I had my 1st appointment with my GP mid September.  We talked about my Alopecia and she thought it was best that I was referred to a Dermatologist.  2 months later I got my appointment.... Today! 

It was a stressful start... I got there nice and early and could I find a parking space!? No.  Illegally parked I ran into my appointment.  Take a tip from me and turn up mega early for an appointment and have plenty of change on for your pay and display.  Seems a bit silly to mention this but it added stress to an already difficult situation.

I got called into my appointment and sat and discussed my Alopecia with the dermatologist about how I had no hair all over my body... No eyelashes, eyebrows, arms legs... Yes all over my body do we really need to go on!?  I always find that part rather humiliating. 

Next part was for me to discuss what I wanted him to do for me.  I explained that I was not really interested in any treatments as I had tried everything unless there was some new cure?  He said there was nothing new but he thought that in the next 5 years time there might be something new to try. I wont hold my breath!

I told him my visit today was because I wanted to know what I was entitled to in the wig department?  I also wanted to know if I could have a repeat wig prescription so that I would not have to keep coming back to the hospital every year.   After 15 years of having Alopecia i did not see it growing back anytime soon.

As my Alopecia is very severe, Alopecia Universalis, he told me he could offer me 2 wigs a year and that the Orthotics department would arrange this for me.  This is the department that arrange for you to get your wig and will provide you with information on where to go and what you are entitled to etc.

I explained to him that as I had long term hair loss I needed real hair as this lasts much longer.  I also explained that as my head was very small off the peg wigs did not fit me and that in the past i had paid to have made to measure wigs.    He added this to my prescription but said he was not sure if I could have this but would put it on the prescription anyway to help.

As for the repeat prescription he explained that this was not possible... This is a policy across the board.  If doctors gave a repeat prescriptions to everyone then some "not so nice people" would take advantage of this and sell the on drugs for example if they did not need them anymore.  This has happened in the past, so for this reason patients need to come back every year to collect the prescription. 

What he did do for me was book me an appointment for the following year so that I did not need to go through the whole ordeal of going to see my GP first to get referred again.

Then I was sent to the Orthotic department to find out where I was to get my 2 wigs from and how much the prescription charge would be.  I was told that I needed to contact one of 3 wig companies and provided a list and the prescription charge would be £60 for one wig so £120 for both... the man only mentioned synthetic hair and not real hair.  I was worried that now meant I was not entitled to real hair....  

I was pleased to see that one of the wig companies on the list was one that I knew.  I took all the details from the Orthotics Department and rang the wig company straight away.  She told me that the guy I saw was new and did not know the the system fully.  If I rang back and spoke to the woman on the department and told her that I had always worn real hair she would be able to offer better advice. 

I contacted her and as it said real hair on my prescription I could now go the the wig supplier and order 2 real hair wigs.  Only thing was that now the prescription charge had gone up to £230 per wig... £460.  But that is a lot less than the £4000 that it would have cost if I bought them myself!

Unfortunately what I have been offered is not the same across the country and it can be a postcode lottery as to what others might be entitled to. 

Please click on the below websites that have up to date information that you can follow.  I hope that by telling you my experience this will help you whether you are about to go for an appointment yourself and are now more informed or like me you have not bothered with the NHS for some years... It may be worth a shot!

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Friday, 5 November 2010

Top 5 Tips on Applying False Eyelashes

I used to wear false eyelashes everyday, but once I got my Semi Permanent Make Up (eyebrows and eyeliner) I was a lot more confident and felt I did not need to wear them anymore.  After a break from wearing them I could not get back into the habit of fiddling about with them again every morning.  So when I found out that some people attached their eyelashes with a strong glue that lasts an entire week I just had to give it a try! 

From my years of practice before I started I made sure I had all the tools I needed...  Here are my top 5 tips on what you need!

1. Dressing table and seat with a good mirror and light – You need to be relaxed and comfortable and remember to practice a few times 1st before you plan to go anywhere in them! 

2. Strong Glue – this is the secret to eyelash application.  Some of the glues out there that come with your lashes are terrible!  Make life easier for yourself and get some super sticky glue.  I got mine from and it is called ultimate hold.  It can last up to a week!!

4. Small little scissors to trim lashes down – if you want your lashes to look natural you will probably need to trim them down so they are not too long.   Small scissors mean that you can be more delicate while trimming.  Try and cut at an angle to stop you getting a blunt edge and leave some of the lashes longer than others.

3. Eyelash applicator Tool  -  This tool is brilliant... It really helps with the positioning of the lash so you get it in the right place 1st time with out getting glue on your fingers.  I also got this from

5. Last but not least the lashes!  For a natural look get lashes with a natural growth pattern and no big gaps between the little hairs.  Here are the two that I have recently bought.  When they arrive they are quite long and I just trim them slightly at the sides and the length of the hairs.

If you wear the false lashes for a week you do need to be a little careful with them when sleeping and washing your face.  Don’t burrow your head into the pillow if you can help it and try not to get your eyes too wet.  I wash my face and leave my eyes and just use a cotton bud dipped in make up remover to clean away any make up.

Have fun practicing :o)

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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Henna Pen

When I was in London last week at the Parliamentary Briefing I met a hair stylist who also works with wigs.  He said that lots of people with hair loss were using the “Henna Pen” and that it was the next best thing!  I thought I  just had to give it a try and let you know what I thought.  It arrived yesterday from (   But i have just found it on Amazon for cheaper! (

I have tried the Henna Pen twice now as I went home and wiped my make up off last night and tried it and then tried it out again this morning. 

On the back of my hand this product seemed like it was going to be brilliant as it really does not smudge.  However,  it is not as waterproof as it claims.  Also, it should be applied before eye shadow or any make up, I would normally apply eyeliner last and it should not be applied on the inside of the eye which I also like to do.

I don’t really think this product works so well for my eyes as I like to work my eyeliner into the waterline and do a bit of blending but the Henna Pen can not do that as it just disappears with the moisture from your eye and once it it dry you can not blend it.

If you wear false lashes and don’t need to draw into the water line then I think this product could work well as it is very delicate and would not disturb the lash too much.... 

What I do think it will work well for is eyebrows.  The little wispy brush on the end will make great little hair like strokes.  It is quite clever as it has a medium size felt tip end on one side and a wispy thin tip on the other end.  I have semi permanent make up on my eyebrows but when this starts to fade which it does this would be a perfect little pick me up for them until my next top up was due. 

I ordered the coco brown colour which is a great colour for my brows but I would have ordered the liquorish black if I were to use it as it as eyeliner.  To make the colour darker the product can be layered with a few coats which intensifies the colour.

For £12 plus postage and packing  (£14.50) I think I am going to stick to the Bobbi Brown Gel eyeliner at £15 as this lasts me for well over a year and I bet this henna pen would not last more than a few months before drying out.  But I do think it is a useful tool for my eyebrows.  I would like to try the black pen too but not sure if I want to spend another £14.50.

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