Wednesday, 19 December 2012

My Must Haves...

Hello lovely Alopecia followers.  I was just thinking the other day that as I have not updated in a while it would be nice to just do a quick run down of all my favorite products that I use on a daily basis.  After trying everything under the sun to help me look good with my Alopecia it has got very precise. I also no longer have the time I used to get ready with a toddler and I have another baby on the way... So will have even less time than I do already!
This is me in my I Wig.  Looks so natural!

  • My must have item is as you have probably read a million times before is my Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner.  I have used Mac and the consistency is great but the colour is not right for me personally.  I like the dark dark brown sepia colour from Bobbi Brown.  Black I find is a little too harsh and then the next shade up with Mac is too light for me.
  • Although I have permanent make up after a while this does fade and to keep the colour of my brows an nice rich colour I use a Brow Powder.  This could be a specialist brow powder or just a brown eye shadow.   I like to use a brush with a point on it so I keep as close to the lovely shape that the tattoo artist has created.  I do not like to go too dark here just a nice natural colour.  
  • The wig i am currently wearing is by a company called iwig and they are my latest find!  Very happy with my hair right now as it looks to healthy and glossy.  For years I have put up with my hair getting all bushy at the back after a few hours and it getting matted but the hair on this wig is amazing.  It also lined with the same fabric you would find in a sports top so if you get a bit warm and hot and sticky under your wig you will not feel it as it draws any moisture away from your head.  I love love love this feature.  Makes it really comfortable to wear as well as it is really soft.  I could go on and on about this wig so I will do a blog just about the wig if you are interested with lots of pic's etc.  
So that is about it really.  What about the false lashes I hear you cry!?  Well not too much time for them these days... just special occasions   If I do wear them I get the eylure natural lite ones and use strong adhesive glue that is used to keep toupees on.  But be sooo careful as this glue is sooo strong you need a tiny amount.

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