Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Daily Mail Article – Young sisters who lost their hair cast off their wigs and go to school bald for the first time

Just wanted to draw your attention to an article in the Daily Mail today that is in the Health section.

In brief the story is about two young girls who are sisters who both have Alopecia. They have both had Alopecia since they were about five years old and this week they have both decided to go to school without their wigs. I am so proud of these little girls and admire their courage. What is even better is that Alopecia has once again hit the headlines making Alopecia even more known about. Now more and more people out there are going to know what Alopecia is. Considering 1 percent of the population will go through Alopecia at some stage in their life more people really do need to know about it.

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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

New Year, New Wig!

I have been wearing wigs since I was 16 years old and I have had so many kinds. I am 27 now so that is 10 years of wig wearing! I can’t quite believe it.

I am in the annoying stage of waiting for a new wig at the moment... My current hair is really not great and I don’t feel at my most confident... I am waiting for my new hair but there has been a typhoon in the Philippines so it has put a huge delay on my order. Sometimes I wonder if they are just fobbing me off with an excuse but I have looked into it and I do believe them this time. I don’t think it will get here until the new year now which I am upset about as for all my Christmas and new year celebrations I will be wearing my old wig.

I normally buy my wigs from Hudsons in Manchester. They are a sister company to Trendco who do provide great wigs. This time round I am buying a wig from an American company called Nu Hair Technology as I fancied a change and thought that the Americans might be able to do it better. So far I am not so sure as it has been a difficult and long process... Their wigs take 4-6 months to order which feels like forever! With them in New York and me in the UK communicating with them has not been easy. Since placing the order I have been talking with Optima hair specialist and Peter Murtha (who is the expert on all things wigs) and he has told me that his wigs take around 6 weeks to be made and he makes the most advance wigs on the market. He looked at my wig and told me it was pre historic! But still I am going to give Nu Hair Technology a chance and will let you know what it is like. If the result is amazing in don't mind waiting for it! I also buy off the peg synthetic wigs too for holidays and weekends when i am beeing lazy... The trouble with me is that I have a small head so in general I need to have them specially made as off the peg wigs are huge on me!

Once I get my wig it will arrive and I will need to take it somewhere to have it cut. I look like a mermaid to start off with as there is always so much hair! I always find it really nerve wracking having it cut. I wait such a long time to have it made and if the style is cut wrong it’s a disaster! My fringe is always something that I have to go back to the salon and have tweaked. Thankfully now Trevor Sorbie’s Charity “My New Hair” has a list of trusted salons I can take my wig to! Want to have a fun hair cut and cut loads out of it but I always hold back from anything too crazy as it is too much of a risk if I don’t end up liking it.

Once my hair is cut/styled and ready for wear there is one last hurdle to get past. New real hair wigs are always really puffy to start off with and they take a month I would say to calm down. The only way you can get them to calm down is by wearing them in and washing them.

So the thought of getting a new wig for me is exciting but at the same time something that can really stress me out. Especially if the wig that I am wearing is deteriorating really fast and I feel like I have hair loss all over again but in my wig! The lesson that i need to learn is to always keep at least 2 wigs in good condition so that if one is off being repaired then i have the other one to rely on. Still working on it!

Just wanted to share with you my wiggy issues as I am sure I am not the only person who goes through this stage.

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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

My New Hair Charity Launch - Trevor Sorbie

My New Hair Charity Launch

Last week was the Launch of the fantastic Charity My New Hair! I was invited to the Launch in London to represent Alopecia. I met some fantastic people....

LuLu O’Hagan, a stylist who also has Alopecia. We met up in London and went for some dinner and it was so lovely to meet someone else with Alopecia and talk about wigs and the problems we faced. We both had great tips that we could share with one another... I told her all about how to care for her wig as she was quite new to wearing one and she inspired me with how she did not hide behind her wig all the time and just put on a lovely woolie hat sometimes. As she is a stylist she also had some ideas on how I could apply my make up differently too.

Michele Chapman, who is the founder of Alopecia Awareness and helps anyone suffering from the effects of Alopecia. She was such an inspirational person and made me even more determined to get out there and help other women and young girls with alopecia. She has invited me to come and sit in some of her clinics that she works with and to the Browns wig company that she works with and designs wigs for!

Simon Tarplee, the founder of the charity Little Princess Trust. Simon Tarplee provides the best quality made to measure real hair wigs to children suffering from medical hair loss for free! This is such a wonderful charity and I was so excited about meeting Simon as I will be helping make a special DVD for the young girls and boys that the charity helps. Rather than just giving children a wonderful wig to take home with them the child will be given a wig and a DVD that tells them all about how to look after the wig with plenty of tips and lots of support.

The Launch was a fantastic success and Trevor Sorbie and Hilary Blackburn made us all feel very special! He made us all feel like celebrities for the evening and I came away feeling fabulous!

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