Monday, 26 July 2010

Search for the perfect wig

Over the years i have worn over 20 different kinds of wigs. I am constantly searching for the next best thing. I truly believe that i am about to find it!

I am about to work very closely with two wonderful people in the wig industry. Andrea Holden and Fred Berry who runs a very successful hair replacement salons in London. Together we are going to create the most amazing product. They are using the most beautiful hair that no one else in the UK has ever used.

Over the years i have had issues with hair quality, the comfort of the base and now I am finally going to have a say! Who better to ask than someone like me!? ....but i would like to include you in my search for perfection... You can read my full story here...

This time last year i appeared on GMTV with Lorraine Kelly and took my wig off for the world to see! I was in an article in Marie-Claire and have worked with the Trevor Sorbie charity 'My New Hair'. I have also been working with the Little Princess Trust and Optima hair specialist who provide free real hair wigs to children. So as you can see my mission to get
involved with helping other women/children out there is very clear! If you visit my website you will be able to read all about what i have been doing. You can also read my other blog posts.

I want to find out what you feel are the most annoying things about wearing a wig. Are there any little annoying problems you have that you think i should consider when trialing this wig? Please get in touch and let me know :o)

I am going to keep you up to date on the progress and of course where you can get it once it is available. That is all i can say about it at the moment but get very excited because i am!

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