Saturday, 27 November 2010

Diary of my new wig...

I am helping the hair loss experts at  to develop a new kind of wig.  I have mentioned this before in my Blogs, but I finally got my hands on it yesterday!  I am going to keep you up to date with how I get on....  Getting used to a new wig takes a while so I did not want to write one blog saying it's the best wig in the world just yet... With all wigs I am sure it will have its positives, negatives and new lessons to be learnt... So here goes!

Day One
Drove to Leeds to pick up my new hair...  My old wig was ready for the bin, it had holes in the base and the hair was so dry it just looked disgusting! So to say I was excited was an understatement.

Andrea Holden from Hairoom is such a wonderful women and I always enjoy visiting her.  She really listens to you and she is so passionate about her job that she has been doing for many many years.  I have learnt so many sneaky little tips from her over the past few months.  She is a world of knowledge!  

Andrea uses a razor to cut the wig to the style I like... scissors are a big no in her book when cutting a wig as you get a much better result with a razor.  She gave me some lovely layers and was super careful when cutting my fringe.  
As I have said before the hair is synthetic but it is heat resistant and looks just like real hair.  It is much easier to look after than real hair as it is much lighter in weight and has a lovely bounce to it.  After washing it remembers the style that you put it in originally and hair is beautifully smooth.

What i have found is that It needs a little help to get it back into the style you want after washing but no where near as much as when I had real hair.  You can use low heat hair appliances to do this. I have not worn many synthetic wigs in the past so I am learning how to look after it...  looks so like real hair I keep forgetting it is not real hair!?

I have bought hair straighteners that have a low temperature of 80 degrees to help style it. 
Another good tool she told me is a air brush styler to give it some body or some soft curls...

The base is totally breathable.. it has a small bit of silicone in certain areas around the base that clings to your head but I feel that I still need a little wig tape to keep me feeling confident.  It also has a lace front and looks fantastic... It looks like hair growing from my scalp!
Photo does not do this justice!!
As the hair is not real hair I need to look after it with wig shampoo and wig conditioner.  I also need to spray it with fabric oil every day to help with any friction that may happen.  Best thing is that if friction does occur you can use straighteners on a low heat to smooth it out again!
So far I am in love with this wig but it is early days!  I will keep you up to date with how my new wig and I get on so stay tuned!

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Exfoliation... I never knew!?

In all the years I have had Alopecia, I never realised just how important exfoliation was until I spoke to a very knowledgeable lady in the hairloss industry called Andrea Holden.

Me Looking Shocked!! :o)

You need to keep your head exfoliated daily with a gentle facial scrub to remove any dead skin cells.  If any hair does want to grow exfoliating means the hairs will not have to get through anything and will have more change of growth.  Also, while you are massaging the facial wash into your head you get blood circulating to the surface of the skin which boosts your hair follicles!

Another good reason to exfoliate your head is that it makes wig tape work better as your head will be squeaky clean and wig tape will cling to this.  If you wear a wig that is designed to cling to your head this will also make it cling so much more.  

My head has always had a slight greasy feel about it after a few hours after washing, which makes my wig slip!  So after I heard this I just wanted to run home and give my scalp a good deep exfoliation treatment! 

A great exfoliation product is from Lush called Mask of Magnaminty.  This used once a week will have your head in tip top condition! This is great for all skin types as it is really gentle...

This was recommended to me by Andrea Holden.  She is an expert in the hair replacement industry at the Hairoom salon. (

An interesting article I have found says below...

"A properly done scalp massage can increase blood circulation to the hair follicles, increase relaxation, decrease stress, condition the scalp, and boost the strength of the hair roots. The kneading pressure applied by massage warms the skin and opens up blood vessels to increase flow and boost circulation. Increased circulation means that the cells of the hair follicle will receive more of the nutrients necessary to optimal hair growth function. The rubbing motion promotes relaxation and feels good, thus increasing the production of "feel good" chemicals that work to lower levels of stress hormone in the body. Lower stress levels allow your organs to function more efficiently, thus boosting your hair follicle's ability to grow hair." (

To read more click this link

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Thursday, 11 November 2010

Dermatologist Appointment

Today I went for an appointment with the dermatologist, first appointment that I have had in over 5 years... 

15 years ago when I first developed Alopecia I went to the doctors and tried every cream they suggested to help my hair re-grow, but after nothing worked I decided to concentrate on looking the best I could with wigs and make up.  I gave up with the doctors as I felt they could do nothing for me.

With 1 in every 100 people developing Alopecia at some stage in their life,  I wanted to go through the experience again so that I know what others are experiencing when going to their GP or Dermatologist.   That way I can still understand the upset, frustrations and awkward situations we all have to go through. 

I had my 1st appointment with my GP mid September.  We talked about my Alopecia and she thought it was best that I was referred to a Dermatologist.  2 months later I got my appointment.... Today! 

It was a stressful start... I got there nice and early and could I find a parking space!? No.  Illegally parked I ran into my appointment.  Take a tip from me and turn up mega early for an appointment and have plenty of change on for your pay and display.  Seems a bit silly to mention this but it added stress to an already difficult situation.

I got called into my appointment and sat and discussed my Alopecia with the dermatologist about how I had no hair all over my body... No eyelashes, eyebrows, arms legs... Yes all over my body do we really need to go on!?  I always find that part rather humiliating. 

Next part was for me to discuss what I wanted him to do for me.  I explained that I was not really interested in any treatments as I had tried everything unless there was some new cure?  He said there was nothing new but he thought that in the next 5 years time there might be something new to try. I wont hold my breath!

I told him my visit today was because I wanted to know what I was entitled to in the wig department?  I also wanted to know if I could have a repeat wig prescription so that I would not have to keep coming back to the hospital every year.   After 15 years of having Alopecia i did not see it growing back anytime soon.

As my Alopecia is very severe, Alopecia Universalis, he told me he could offer me 2 wigs a year and that the Orthotics department would arrange this for me.  This is the department that arrange for you to get your wig and will provide you with information on where to go and what you are entitled to etc.

I explained to him that as I had long term hair loss I needed real hair as this lasts much longer.  I also explained that as my head was very small off the peg wigs did not fit me and that in the past i had paid to have made to measure wigs.    He added this to my prescription but said he was not sure if I could have this but would put it on the prescription anyway to help.

As for the repeat prescription he explained that this was not possible... This is a policy across the board.  If doctors gave a repeat prescriptions to everyone then some "not so nice people" would take advantage of this and sell the on drugs for example if they did not need them anymore.  This has happened in the past, so for this reason patients need to come back every year to collect the prescription. 

What he did do for me was book me an appointment for the following year so that I did not need to go through the whole ordeal of going to see my GP first to get referred again.

Then I was sent to the Orthotic department to find out where I was to get my 2 wigs from and how much the prescription charge would be.  I was told that I needed to contact one of 3 wig companies and provided a list and the prescription charge would be £60 for one wig so £120 for both... the man only mentioned synthetic hair and not real hair.  I was worried that now meant I was not entitled to real hair....  

I was pleased to see that one of the wig companies on the list was one that I knew.  I took all the details from the Orthotics Department and rang the wig company straight away.  She told me that the guy I saw was new and did not know the the system fully.  If I rang back and spoke to the woman on the department and told her that I had always worn real hair she would be able to offer better advice. 

I contacted her and as it said real hair on my prescription I could now go the the wig supplier and order 2 real hair wigs.  Only thing was that now the prescription charge had gone up to £230 per wig... £460.  But that is a lot less than the £4000 that it would have cost if I bought them myself!

Unfortunately what I have been offered is not the same across the country and it can be a postcode lottery as to what others might be entitled to. 

Please click on the below websites that have up to date information that you can follow.  I hope that by telling you my experience this will help you whether you are about to go for an appointment yourself and are now more informed or like me you have not bothered with the NHS for some years... It may be worth a shot!

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Friday, 5 November 2010

Top 5 Tips on Applying False Eyelashes

I used to wear false eyelashes everyday, but once I got my Semi Permanent Make Up (eyebrows and eyeliner) I was a lot more confident and felt I did not need to wear them anymore.  After a break from wearing them I could not get back into the habit of fiddling about with them again every morning.  So when I found out that some people attached their eyelashes with a strong glue that lasts an entire week I just had to give it a try! 

From my years of practice before I started I made sure I had all the tools I needed...  Here are my top 5 tips on what you need!

1. Dressing table and seat with a good mirror and light – You need to be relaxed and comfortable and remember to practice a few times 1st before you plan to go anywhere in them! 

2. Strong Glue – this is the secret to eyelash application.  Some of the glues out there that come with your lashes are terrible!  Make life easier for yourself and get some super sticky glue.  I got mine from and it is called ultimate hold.  It can last up to a week!!

4. Small little scissors to trim lashes down – if you want your lashes to look natural you will probably need to trim them down so they are not too long.   Small scissors mean that you can be more delicate while trimming.  Try and cut at an angle to stop you getting a blunt edge and leave some of the lashes longer than others.

3. Eyelash applicator Tool  -  This tool is brilliant... It really helps with the positioning of the lash so you get it in the right place 1st time with out getting glue on your fingers.  I also got this from

5. Last but not least the lashes!  For a natural look get lashes with a natural growth pattern and no big gaps between the little hairs.  Here are the two that I have recently bought.  When they arrive they are quite long and I just trim them slightly at the sides and the length of the hairs.

If you wear the false lashes for a week you do need to be a little careful with them when sleeping and washing your face.  Don’t burrow your head into the pillow if you can help it and try not to get your eyes too wet.  I wash my face and leave my eyes and just use a cotton bud dipped in make up remover to clean away any make up.

Have fun practicing :o)

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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Henna Pen

When I was in London last week at the Parliamentary Briefing I met a hair stylist who also works with wigs.  He said that lots of people with hair loss were using the “Henna Pen” and that it was the next best thing!  I thought I  just had to give it a try and let you know what I thought.  It arrived yesterday from (   But i have just found it on Amazon for cheaper! (

I have tried the Henna Pen twice now as I went home and wiped my make up off last night and tried it and then tried it out again this morning. 

On the back of my hand this product seemed like it was going to be brilliant as it really does not smudge.  However,  it is not as waterproof as it claims.  Also, it should be applied before eye shadow or any make up, I would normally apply eyeliner last and it should not be applied on the inside of the eye which I also like to do.

I don’t really think this product works so well for my eyes as I like to work my eyeliner into the waterline and do a bit of blending but the Henna Pen can not do that as it just disappears with the moisture from your eye and once it it dry you can not blend it.

If you wear false lashes and don’t need to draw into the water line then I think this product could work well as it is very delicate and would not disturb the lash too much.... 

What I do think it will work well for is eyebrows.  The little wispy brush on the end will make great little hair like strokes.  It is quite clever as it has a medium size felt tip end on one side and a wispy thin tip on the other end.  I have semi permanent make up on my eyebrows but when this starts to fade which it does this would be a perfect little pick me up for them until my next top up was due. 

I ordered the coco brown colour which is a great colour for my brows but I would have ordered the liquorish black if I were to use it as it as eyeliner.  To make the colour darker the product can be layered with a few coats which intensifies the colour.

For £12 plus postage and packing  (£14.50) I think I am going to stick to the Bobbi Brown Gel eyeliner at £15 as this lasts me for well over a year and I bet this henna pen would not last more than a few months before drying out.  But I do think it is a useful tool for my eyebrows.  I would like to try the black pen too but not sure if I want to spend another £14.50.

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Thursday, 28 October 2010

My New Hair Parlimentary Briefing

Yesterday I attended a parliamentary briefing with the charity My New Hair to raise awareness of hair loss issues for cancer and alopecia patients.

I met with many local MP’s, other My New Hair patients, hair professionals and nurses.  I found out more about the issues faced by other people who lose their hair through medical reasons or from cancer treatment.

The event took place at the House of Commons on October 27th and called for improvements in NHS wig services for men, women and children affected by medical hair loss. Services vary in quality and patient experience differs widely across the country.

Many of the MP’s Said...

“I am saddened that many patients who suffer hair loss as a result of cancer treatment or other medical condition are still not receiving the support that they need from the NHS.  Hair loss causes significant distress to patients; the NHS must work harder to ensure that wig services are organised in the interest of the patient and include good quality wigs as well as appropriate emotional and practical support. By training hair professionals to understand the needs of patients and to help them to find a style that works for them, My New Hair is making a big difference to patients’ lives. “

My New Hair was founded by acclaimed hairdresser Trevor Sorbie M.B.E inspired by his own experience helping a family member during cancer treatment. Trevor now dedicates all of his salon time to offering advice and a wig customisation service to clients suffering medical hair loss.

Says Trevor “This is the beginning of what will be a challenging but exciting journey with the NHS – we have helped set the precedent and encourage the rest of the country to follow our lead. My New Hair has given me a whole new dimension to job satisfaction, using my skills to give something back to society and do something truly meaningful. It isn’t about hair, its psychological medicine for women who are suffering hair loss through illness.”

The charity provides services directly to people suffering medical hair loss and trains an independent national network of hairdressers to cut and style wigs making them more personal and natural looking.

I was really honored to be part of something that has effected me for the past 15 years and to feel like I have now played a part in helping to improve this NHS service.

I personally have not used the NHS for years.  My previous experience was having to wait for months to get a dermatologist appointment, then once I got the appointment I would just be given a voucher to get 2 synthetic wigs that I had to pay a £60 prescription charge for.

As I suffer from long term hairloss I like to wear a wig that has a very thin base that is more comfortable to wear for extended periods of time and I also I like to use real hair in my wig as this is more realistic and longer lasting.

In the past i have felt the NHS could not offer me any help with my long term hairloss.  Hopefully this is the start of great things to come!

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Sunday, 17 October 2010

Top 5 eyeliner tips

I have been using gel eyeliner for a long time now and although I have tried many other kinds... pencil, liquid etc. Gel eyeliner is the best if you have no eyelashes and are trying to define your eye in a natural way.  Using this eyeliner also means that you can work into the water-line of your eye easily, which can really help to define your eyes that bit more.

My top 5 tips for gel eye-liners

1 Find a gel eyeliner that glides over the skin of your eyelid easily.  The eye is delicate and you don't want to pull or press too hard on the skin.  You can try a tester on the back of your hand just to see how it goes on.  Try doing a light wiggly line and imagine that it is your eye.  Avoid ones that are too dry.

2 Use the right kind of brush with a good length handle on it. Otherwise you are not going to create the best effect and it will make life difficult if you use some of the piddly brushes that just come free with your product.

3 Look after your brush that you use to put the eyeliner on.  As you are using it every day and putting it right inside your eye it needs to be clean.  I keep wet wipes with my beauty kit and clean brushes with these and once a week or so i use soap and water to thoroughly clean them.

4 When you're using your gel eyeliner make sure you always put the lid back on tightly.  You don't want it drying out.  If the eye liner is getting to the end of the pot and had dried out a bit and does not glide as easily then get the end of your make up brush and just stir the remains.

5  And finally my best of all the tips! I was rubbish when I first started wearing this kind of eyeliner.  I had such a wobbly hand!  My best tip is to just do what you can by putting the eyeliner on and then for your mistakes just get a cotton bud,  dip it into some eye-make up remover and just delicately edit away any mistakes.  Easy!

Two of my favourite Gel Eyeliners are... Elf Cream Eyeliner and Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner.

Elf is a new brand that you can buy online and is only about £4.  I think it is really good but I have to say I still love the Bobbi Brown version which is about £15.  As long as you look after the eyeliner it lasts ages!  It glides on really nicely and I find that it has a nice matt finish where as the Elf one has a shinyness to it. I also like the dark brown Bobbi Brown colour that I go for.  Whereas the Elf has black and then the next colour down for me is too light.  I also found that the Bobbi Brown eyeliner stays on for longer and the pigment of colour is much stronger.

Above you can see me before with only my Semi Permanent Eye Make Up on.  This is great on its own but I like to add eyeliner to this as it really intensifies the look. 

Here you can see how I have added eyeliner to the corners and the waterline of my eye by starting at the inner corner of my eye gradually getting thicker to the outer corner of my eye.

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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Semi Permanent Make Up (SPMU)

Last week I went to have my Semi Permanent Make Up topped up. I have done this every year for the past 5 years to keep it looking fresh.  Here are all the Before, During and after pictures...
You can see how light the old SPMU has become
which is why i am having it topped up.

I love my Semi Permanent Make Up as it has completely changed my life.  My Alopecia got a lot worse about 5 years ago and I lost both my eyebrows and all my eyelashes.  I hated the blank expressionless look on my face and felt like i had to put make up on as soon as i got up to make me feel like me...   It use to take me so long to get ready in the morning...  Drawing on my eyebrows, eyeliner and applying false lashes... as well as dealing with a wig too!  It felt like such a mission to get up and out the house! 

Sometimes I really did not feel like putting any make up on after days and days of layering eyeliner onto my eyes but for me to feel and look like me I would have to do it.   

Semi Permanent Make Up gives me so much freedom... knowing that my eyebrows are there no matter what gives me so much confidence and the eyeliner is so great that i don't need to wear false eyelashes anymore.  I save my false lashes for a night out or special occasion.   All i need to do now is put a little bit of eyeliner along the waterline of my eye as you can not tattoo this and i am all done!

You can see the individual hairs here and my eyeliner...
My eyelids are a little swollen from the eyeliner
being applied but it is not that painful.. No really it's not!!
I am such a believer in Semi Permanent Make Up that I am going to train to become a Semi Permanent Make Up Artist!

I would like to specialise in creating natural eyebrows and eyeliner for people with Alopecia.  I will be able to create the tiny little hairs that makes Semi Permanent Make Up look so realistic when applied in this great way.  

It will also give me to opportunity to meet more people with Alopecia and offer my support... 

If you would like to have Semi Permanent Make Up applied please let me know as I will be able to recommend someone in your area.  It is really important that you get the right person to apply your make up to get the best results. 

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Saturday, 25 September 2010

My Wig

I often get asked about wigs... what wig I wear?? where I got it from?? and what is the best wig out there?? 

This is such a personal choice, as with anything you choose to wear!   They all have their positive and negatives so it depends on your lifestyle and what you want out of your wig to enable you to pick the right one for you.  All I can do is tell you what I wear and why and this might help you recognise what you need from your own wig...

Wig Base

After wearing every type of wig going I have decided the best thing for me is a custom made mesh base that has tabs to attach my wig tape at the front, sides by the ears and the neck.  I have tried the vacuum and the kind of wigs that have a thin transparent plastic that clings to the head and I found that they made my head hot even though I am not the most active person!  I like my head to be able to breath.  I choose to have it custom made as my head is very small so off the peg does not fit.  However the comfort you get from custom made means that I can totally forget that I am wearing a wig which makes me feel so confident.  

There is also the option of having your hair permanently glued to your head but as I have been wearing wigs for 15 years I have found that being able to remove your hair and switch between wigs it a real perk!  So I choose not to do this.


When I first started to wear wigs it was European real hair or synthetic hair.   Positives and negatives for both... Real hair was best for longer styles as it looked more realistic and flowed better.  It also had a long life in some cases 2 years... Negative was that it is more expensive and took more looking after.   Synthetic hair was good for short styles as it kept its style after washing, it was much cheaper but had a very short life span as it would start to frizz, they are not as realistic and if near anything hot it could melt!

Now there is a type of hair available that has the best of both hair types... It is called many different things by different wig salons but what it does is the same.  Like real hair you can wash, blow dry and heat style. Unlike real hair it is durable, colour constant and easy to care for, its stronger, lighter and more heat resistant than real hair. The unique quality of this hair is that once you have created the hair-style you want it will stay that way no matter how many times you wash it.  This is what my next wig is going to be made with!!

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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Dry Shampoo - The Results!

Dry Shampoo is one of my favourite beauty products that i cannot live without...

Now to find out which is the best...

Batiste Dry Shampoo...  6/10

I really liked the smell of this as it was light and fresh and comes in lots of different sents.  When you spray a lot comes out so be careful!  I have dark hair so it was not great for that reason as if you use too much you can see the white powder in your hair.  But i you don't use too much and you have lighter hair it is great and at only £2 it is a bargain!

I also used the brunette version of this dry shampoo and i was really disappointed.. the talc colour was a bit darker but still left my hair with a powdery finnish.  Also the smell was really strong and spicy and i smelt like Christmas!

Charles Worthington Dry Shampoo...  9/10

I love this dry shampoo..  the smell of it is to die for!  It smells so fresh like you have just washed your hair with delicious shampoo.  It too has a slight white powdery Finnish but as it comes out of the can in a finer mist so it works a lot better.  Bit more expensive at £5 a can but i think it is worth it for the the smell.  My man loves it!  Just make sure you give the can a good shake before you use it.

TRESemme Dry Shampoo and Waterless Foam Shampoo... 10/10 *** Winner ***

I thought the dry shampoo was really good and also just had a fine mist  of powder like the Charles Worthington brand  (again make sure you shake!).  The smell was much more subtle which is good if you don't want it to mix with your perfume.  At £4.29 a can it is also great value.

I also tried the waterless foam which is good if you had the time to also re-style your hair.  Its the equivalent of wetting your hair and re-styling it...  I think this is more suited to someone who might have their hair bonded to their head as you can get right in the roots with this.

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Friday, 17 September 2010

Dry Shampoo

I would like to tell you about the 1st product trial that I am going to do...

Dry shampoo!

Now I know it's a life saver for most but even more so when you wear a real hair wig! 

It is very time consuming to wash and style your real hair wig and quite often your hair is clean but it is just the front that has got a little greasy from touching it with your fingers. Also it can need freshening up if you have cooked some fragrant dinner or been with people who smoke.  Yuck! 

Before I knew about dry shampoo I once tired febreze I was that desperate! he he

I will be trialling ....

Batiste Dry Shampoo... I have just heard that there is one for dark hair too so I will try that too!

Charles Worthington Dry Shampoo... I have used this before and it smells amazing but lets see how it compares to the others!

TREsemme Fresh Start – This is a brand new product and there are 3 kinds to choose from depending on your hair type.

Once I have given all of these a good test I will report my findings!

Make sure you come back and see how I get on!

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Thursday, 16 September 2010

False Eye Lash Look

Here is a free clip of my Alopecia Beauty Tips DVD.  This is me applying my false eyelashes...

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Eye Make Up Tips

Just added a new You Tube clip of my Alopecia Beauty Tips DVD.

You can watch it here...

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Friday, 10 September 2010

Catch Up

Just thought I would give you a little update on the Top 5 things I am working on at the moment for Alopecia Beauty Tips...
  • Working on getting some more you tube clips up of my make up tips... Along with the tried and tested products that i mentioned in my last blog. Please look at once of my videos by clicking here... 

    • I am waiting on the new wig that I am going to help develop...  The bad thing about getting a made to measure wig is the wait! But eventually this wig will be available in a few different sizes so no need to wait!  You will be able to walk in and buy it! Factories always say 6 weeks but it is  always more than that.  Silly thing is that I know this but I still get impatient.  Just really excited about :o)
    • I got in touch with the Charity Look Good... Feel Better this week and they are so lovely.  They offer make up lessons to women who are suffering from the side effects of chemotherapy.  They have some great ideas and I was totally inspired.
    • Next week I am going to visit a Semi Permanent Make Up (SPMU) artist... Gail Proudman  I am interested in becoming a SPMU artist myself so I am going to pepper her with questions...  SPMU as I have said many time before has really transformed my life and I am really keen to get out there and share it with all those who could benefit from it.  
    • I have been doing some work with the Little Princess Trust Charity and Optima Hair who provide free real hair wigs to children who have medical hair loss... I would really like to create a special DVD just for children so that every time the charity provides a wig to a little girl they also get a DVD from me on how to look after their fancy new real hair wig, a few little natural make up tips to define the eyes and some tips for when they are a little older too on how to handle lots of different situations.

    Please visit my website where you can see how my story has been in the Daily Mail, GMTV with Lorraine Kelly, Marie Claire and how i have worked with the little princess trust charity and Trevor Sorbies Charity 'My New Hair'

    Tuesday, 7 September 2010

    Top 5 Alopecia Beauty Tools

    After having Alopecia for the past 15 years I have learned to rely on the below tools to create my look everyday... 

    1 Eyeliner 

    2 False Eyelashes

    3 Lash Glue and applicator 

    4 Eyebrow Pencil 
    5 Dry Shampoo

    I have my favorites that I will recommend to you, but I am also going to do a tried and tested review on loads of products.  This way you can make your own decision on whats right for you!

    In my next blog i will tell you all about differently eyeliners and give you a demonstration on how i use mine.... so stay tuned!

    Please visit my website where you can see how my story has been in the Daily Mail, GMTV with Lorraine Kelly, Marie Claire and how i have worked with the little princess trust chartiy and Trevor Sorbies Charity 'My New Hair'

    Wednesday, 1 September 2010

    Wigs Have Their Advantages - Top Ten Advantages to Wearing a Wig...

    I have taken it on myself to cycle to work over the past few months, but it has taken some time to sort out my morning routine!

    I have been using one of my old wigs to cycle in and then when I get into work I sneak up the stairs hoping not to be spotted by any of my work colleges for a quick shower and change into my fresh clean wig... Brilliant!

    This got me thinking what other advantages are there to wearing a wig?

    1. They make you feel really confident;

    2. have a few on the go so your hair always looks it’s best;

    3.  try different styles without worrying if the style will suit you;

    4. take your hair off and style it on a mannequins head and get the back perfectly straight or curled;

    5. have loads of different styles.. Long for the weekend and short for being practical at work;

    6. You don’t really ever have a bad hair day;

    7. If you use synthetic wigs they remember your style after washing so they dry perfect looking;

    8. You don’t need to have monthly trims.. Once it is cut it’s cut think of the money you save!

    9. It does not really get greasy... You only really need to wash your wig once a week;

    10. You can save your best hair for special occasions and have an old wig for going to the gym or doing house chores.

    If you can think of any others that I have missed let me know! I was thinking about getting a wig that is glued on all the time and then I thought hang on a minute!! Miss out on all those advantages?? No thanks!

    Please visit my website where you can see how my story has been in the Daily Mail, GMTV with Lorraine Kelly, Marie Claire and how i have worked with the little princess trust chartiy and Trevor Sorbies Charity 'My New Hair'

    Wednesday, 18 August 2010

    Semi Permanent Make Up (SPMU)

    When I was on GMTV with Lorraine Kelly she was admiring my natural looking eyebrows and eyeliner..

    Click on this link and watch the video...

    I use to spend ages getting ready every morning.... I had to draw in my eyebrows and put thick eyeliner on to add the much needed definition to my eyes... Most of time time I got them looking right the 1st time and I would be off out the door with all the practice I had from doing it every day, but it would be always when I was in a hurry that one eye would look perfect and the other would look so wrong! Also the amount of times I have poked myself in the eye with my liner brush because I was rushing was just one time too many to count... Something had to be done!

    Semi Permanent Make Up (SPMU) has become a must have treatment, not just for people with Alopecia, it can also be used to camouflage scars and also everyday women like to have make up when they wake up to defining brows eyes and lips.

    My experience of Semi Permanent Make Up is that it was fast, painless and provided fantastic results that has really transformed my life!

    As eyebrows are suppose to have a natural hairy look about them specialist SPMU artists use lots of little strokes to create the look of lots of little hairs instead of a block of colour, which gives them such a realistic effect.

    Definition around my eyes is something that was totally lost when my eyelashes feel out... I was scared about having the eyeliner done but an SPMU artist uses anaesthetic cream which really numbs the eye lid and helps with any discomfort. My lids swelled up a little afterwards but... oh my god it is totally worth it! I love my eyeliner its amazing.

    The procedure can be expensive... Eyebrows are about £300 and the eyeliner is about £250 but I think that the way it transforms your life and the freedom it gives you makes it totally worth while. For me to wake up knowing that my eyebrows and eyeliner are there not only gives me more confidence but it also makes me feel like me as soon as I look in the mirror. Never again will I have that blank expressionless face.

    Please get in touch for any further info

    Monday, 26 July 2010

    Search for the perfect wig

    Over the years i have worn over 20 different kinds of wigs. I am constantly searching for the next best thing. I truly believe that i am about to find it!

    I am about to work very closely with two wonderful people in the wig industry. Andrea Holden and Fred Berry who runs a very successful hair replacement salons in London. Together we are going to create the most amazing product. They are using the most beautiful hair that no one else in the UK has ever used.

    Over the years i have had issues with hair quality, the comfort of the base and now I am finally going to have a say! Who better to ask than someone like me!? ....but i would like to include you in my search for perfection... You can read my full story here...

    This time last year i appeared on GMTV with Lorraine Kelly and took my wig off for the world to see! I was in an article in Marie-Claire and have worked with the Trevor Sorbie charity 'My New Hair'. I have also been working with the Little Princess Trust and Optima hair specialist who provide free real hair wigs to children. So as you can see my mission to get
    involved with helping other women/children out there is very clear! If you visit my website you will be able to read all about what i have been doing. You can also read my other blog posts.

    I want to find out what you feel are the most annoying things about wearing a wig. Are there any little annoying problems you have that you think i should consider when trialing this wig? Please get in touch and let me know :o)

    I am going to keep you up to date on the progress and of course where you can get it once it is available. That is all i can say about it at the moment but get very excited because i am!

    Please visit me at my website

    You can also e-mail me

    Friday, 26 March 2010

    Holidays are coming... Tips on how to look great and keep your head cool in the sun!

    It is getting to that time of year where i am sure many of you are starting to plan your annual summer holiday! I am going on holiday this time next week and I am so excited. There is going to be lots of sun, sea and sand... Sounds amazing doesn't it!? Well it use to be my worst nightmare when trying to look after my wigs but now I can cope on the beech and don’t have to worry about tangles and sun damage. I have only just got 2 new wigs so there is no way I want to risk ruining them.

    What I like to do is buy an inexpensive synthetic wig for the beech or a funky 1950 bathing cap or use a beautiful scarf to wear with a straw cowboy hat and big sunglasses. I also carry some Magi Cool in my hand bag for when my head is getting hot. You can pick this up in most chemist/drug stores. It is a spray that keeps you cool. This is my look for the day time and it is easy with no risk of ruining my expensive hair that is back at the hotel room looking gorgeous waiting for me to wear that evening!

    One of the problems on holiday is that it disrupts your routine on getting you and your wig ready... I bet you have probably got your routine down to a fine art at home, but being in a new place/hotel room can make putting on your hair and make-up a bit daunting.

    Here Are My Top 7 Holiday Tips To Help You...

    1. Get a travel wig stand so your hair can be propped up somewhere neatly if you need to dry it... Warm temps is a great opportunity to just let your hair dry naturally too!
    2. It might help to have ready cut strips of toupee tape so that you can be quick at applying it.
    3. I find that suncream can run into my eyes as i don't have eyebrows or lashes. If you get a good high factor sun block for sensitive skin. This keeps you protected from the sun most of the day.
    4. For the hair that you do take on the beech I like to mix some conditioner and water together in a spray bottle and keep my hair conditioned thought out the day if I am in the sea. This is much cheaper than buying leave in conditioners.
    5. Get yourself a magnifying mirror so that when applying your eyeliner you can see really clearly. Some times the hotel mirrors are just awful.
    6. Keep make-up to a minimum. I have semi permanent make up which is a real time saver on holiday. Forget any concealers/foundations... let your skin have a holiday too :o)
    7. Stay out of the sun and just get a professional spray tan before you go! It means you look great while on holiday. This is the best idea I have had when it come to holidays. Its lovely having a tan on holiday when you are wearing your summer clothes but if like me you live in a relatively cold climate you are covered up in clothes when you get back so a tan is a waste of time anyway.
    Hope this helps you out if you are going to be in the Sun!

    Happy Holidays everyone :o)

    Please check out my web site
    and look at my videos on You Tube

    Monday, 22 February 2010

    Optima Hair Specialists – Pete Murtha

    A few months ago I went to Optima Hair Specialists in Birmingham to have my head measured for 2 new wigs. That day I came away brimming with confidence that Pete Murtha and his team were going to make me the best wig I have ever worn.

    This weekend I went to Birmingham just 3 months later to be fitted with my new wigs and I was not disappointed. Not in the slightest... In actual fact I was ecstatic!!

    I have been wearing made to measure real hair wigs for over a decade and I have had some awful experiences. I know the difference between a good wig and a bad wig and Pete Murtha makes the best wigs in the world... I know cause I have worn nearly everything!

    Over the years I have had problems with my wigs but I have just put up with them and been frustrated as I did not think there was an alternative. Problems such as hair becoming tangled and matted, the comfort of the base, the style and how it was cut, the thickness of the hair, the time a real hair wig took to order some times over 6 months! And above all the cost of the wigs I have been wearing over the years have cost me a fortune!! I have had so many problems that I have i have thought is it worth all this stress and trauma?? Will i ever get the Wig i really want?

    I arrived on Saturday morning greeted by Pete and his team with such a warm reception. They are all great fun and just make the whole experience relaxed and enjoyable. I was taken up stairs and the stylist and I had a good chat about what hair style I wanted and we looked through some magazines to make sure we both understood each other... Then Pete showed me the hair and how silky smooth it was when I ran it through my fingers. I was excited already and it was not even on my head yet! Once I had the wig on the base felt so comfortable as it is so light and thin. After a minute or so that I forgot it was a wig... It truly felt almost like I had my own hair back again. It was quite emotional!

    The stylist was a lovely young girl... Quite often older ladies have cut my wigs who don’t really know about the more fashionable hair styles, but this girl was really excited when I told her I wanted it young choppy with lots of short layers! She was in her element at being given the opportunity to give me a really fantastic fun hairstyle.

    For more information please visit my website

    For more information about Optima hair specialists visit

    Pete also works closely with the little princess trust to provide wigs for free to children with medical hair loss.

    Thursday, 14 January 2010

    My New Hair

    Just wanted to let you know about a new wig that I have bought that is amazing! Its expensive but you all need to know your options... I like my hair really long so it is more expensive for that reason. It is from the company New Hair Technology and they are based in New York. They have a beautiful silky soft real hair and this fantastic base that the hair is sewn into. It is a soft silicone cap that fits so snugly on your head you don’t need to wear tape! It is so snug you might wonder how you get it on! Well what happens is you heat the silicone with your hair dryer and it softens slightly so you can get it onto your head into the correct position.. Before you get your wig they take a cast of your head so the fit is perfect.

    My hair arrived beautifully styled but their was no fringe cut (or bangs as the Americans like to call them) as that is up to you to get done by a hair dresser that is local to you so it is customised to your face shape.

    I have an appointment to take my wig to the Trevor Sorbie Hair Salon in Manchester on Saturday to get the fringe cut in. Quite excited as I think I am going to feel so confident in my new wig. I looks really natural and does not like so many wigs have too much hair. I will take a photo of it on Saturday and put it up next week so you can see.

    I am also waiting to get my wigs back from Optima Hair who work with the little princess trust. Will let you know more about them when once I get them.

    All wigs are going to have their pluses and minuses but you need to try a few different kinds and use the one that is right for you. I am just going to let you know the best of what is out there.

    Please check out my website