Friday, 26 March 2010

Holidays are coming... Tips on how to look great and keep your head cool in the sun!

It is getting to that time of year where i am sure many of you are starting to plan your annual summer holiday! I am going on holiday this time next week and I am so excited. There is going to be lots of sun, sea and sand... Sounds amazing doesn't it!? Well it use to be my worst nightmare when trying to look after my wigs but now I can cope on the beech and don’t have to worry about tangles and sun damage. I have only just got 2 new wigs so there is no way I want to risk ruining them.

What I like to do is buy an inexpensive synthetic wig for the beech or a funky 1950 bathing cap or use a beautiful scarf to wear with a straw cowboy hat and big sunglasses. I also carry some Magi Cool in my hand bag for when my head is getting hot. You can pick this up in most chemist/drug stores. It is a spray that keeps you cool. This is my look for the day time and it is easy with no risk of ruining my expensive hair that is back at the hotel room looking gorgeous waiting for me to wear that evening!

One of the problems on holiday is that it disrupts your routine on getting you and your wig ready... I bet you have probably got your routine down to a fine art at home, but being in a new place/hotel room can make putting on your hair and make-up a bit daunting.

Here Are My Top 7 Holiday Tips To Help You...

  1. Get a travel wig stand so your hair can be propped up somewhere neatly if you need to dry it... Warm temps is a great opportunity to just let your hair dry naturally too!
  2. It might help to have ready cut strips of toupee tape so that you can be quick at applying it.
  3. I find that suncream can run into my eyes as i don't have eyebrows or lashes. If you get a good high factor sun block for sensitive skin. This keeps you protected from the sun most of the day.
  4. For the hair that you do take on the beech I like to mix some conditioner and water together in a spray bottle and keep my hair conditioned thought out the day if I am in the sea. This is much cheaper than buying leave in conditioners.
  5. Get yourself a magnifying mirror so that when applying your eyeliner you can see really clearly. Some times the hotel mirrors are just awful.
  6. Keep make-up to a minimum. I have semi permanent make up which is a real time saver on holiday. Forget any concealers/foundations... let your skin have a holiday too :o)
  7. Stay out of the sun and just get a professional spray tan before you go! It means you look great while on holiday. This is the best idea I have had when it come to holidays. Its lovely having a tan on holiday when you are wearing your summer clothes but if like me you live in a relatively cold climate you are covered up in clothes when you get back so a tan is a waste of time anyway.
Hope this helps you out if you are going to be in the Sun!

Happy Holidays everyone :o)

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