Tuesday, 29 September 2009

GMTV with Lorraine Kelly - Bad Hair Day!

If you had told me just over 24 hours ago that this morning i would be sat on the GMTV sofa with Lorraine Kelly i would not have believed you.  At about 10 am yesterday morning i got a phone call asking me to come on the show to raise awareness for Alopecia.  To say that i was excited would be an understatement! The show would be talking about Bad Hair Day....
Bad Hair Day urges the UK to be brave for one day of the year, September 29th, and go out into the world with Bad Hair in an effort to raise awareness for Alopecia.

Bad Hair Day is the first national day of awareness for the condition Alopecia.

Taking place during Alopecia Awareness Month, September 29th will
see thousands of people in the UK forget their daily routine of styling
their hair in the morning and go out into the world with Bad Hair.

How we as human beings wear our hair is representative of our 
individuality, our personality, and ultimately our identity. How would
you feel if that was taken away from you?

By participating in a Bad Hair Day, you are helping to raise awareness
for Alopecia - thinking about those who do not have the option to 
style their hair in the morning, those of us who the term 'bad hair day'
means something a lot more personal and emotional.

So, put down the hairbrush, walk away from the wax, and drop those
GHD's for BHD 2009 - do you dare to have bad hair?

I got the train to London that afternoon and was put up in a lovely hotel and even had a driver waiting for me at the train station!  So far GMTV were making me feel very special.

Everyone kept asking me if i was nervous but i was more worried about what i was going to wear in front of millions of viewers...  I could talk about Alopecia for hours and hours as i feel i have such a lot to say.  I have been working on my Alopecia Beauty Tips website for over 6 months and its a subject that i am hugely passionate about and i knew i would not be short of a few things to say! However i was nervous as i felt a great sense of responsibility to do all the millions of people who have alopecia proud of what i said on the show and proud of what i brought to Alopecia Awareness and Bad Hair Day.

Lorraine says to me "you don't usually let people see you without your wig do you?"  I said "No, I am not ashamed of Alopecia but i prefer to wear a wig as i don't want Alopecia to define who i am, but as today is Bad Hair Day i want to show the world the real me and help bring positive awareness to help other young women like me".  While saying this i took off my wig in front of the cameras!  Everyone was very excited and said how beautiful i was with and without my wig.  It was a very invigorating moment!

Friday, 25 September 2009

Wig Worries

Over the years i have been able to cope with lots of wig associated problems... Roller Coster rides, big gusts of wind, driving along in a convertible car...  The answer to these problems has been wig tape!  I have gone through rolls and rolls of the stuff over the years as i never ever wanted to have an embarrassing moment of chasing after my wig down the street!  I read a story about that happening to one women and i vowed right then and there, that second ,that it would never ever happen to me.  So far so good!

Other wig related problems that i have come across are oh god the telling people that you wear a wig... Even if i am fine with the situation it is very difficult just saying one day to a friend who you have had a few hair related conversations with that you quickly change the subject on!  By the way i wear a wig cause i have alopecia.  Not the easiest thing to drop into conversation.  Sometimes i wish i just said right from the beginning.  The longer you go on the harder it is to tell someone.  Its a tricky one.  My way was going on a national newspaper... now everyone knows for now and it feels great.  But in life i am always going to be faced with when to tell new friends that i make.  The issue that i have is that because i wear such a fantastic wig, people would never know so that choice of telling people is up to you.  The most worrying person off all to tell is a love interest!  You think they are just going to get up and run away from you but i can honestly say that the reaction from guys has always been great.  People always think of the worst that could happen in these situations but the most likely situation is that they will just admire you for this hard thing you have had to go through.  But also chose to tell people after a few dates first! :o)

The other wig problems i have had over the years is going on a beach holiday or even just a city break holiday!  At home i have my getting ready routine down to a fine art but taking that routine to a hotel room can sometimes be a right pain.  That matched with a sandy beach and sizzling temperatures can be a bit daunting.  You don't want to spend half your holiday in the hotel room getting ready either... enjoy yourself!  Have a week or two off from the beauty routine.   So you have a few options.  You are in a foreign country no-one knows you.  You could a. get your head out in the sun and be free of your wig.  or b. ( this is my option cause i prefer to wear a wig)  Get yourself some holiday hair!   Leave your expensive hair real hair wig at home and get yourself an off the peg synthetic wig that when you wash it remembers the style.  It dries in minutes!  I go for the really short Posh Becks doo, get myself some big stylish sunglasses and that is all you need.  I keep a can of cooling spray in my hand bag that i can spray on my head if needed (Magicool is a really good make that you can pick up from Boots).  Also to make life even easier i have semi permanent make up for my eyebrows and eyeliner. This is great for saving so much time for holidays and everyday life!
 For years i have messed about with taking my real hair wigs on holiday and wasted so much time and been so unhappy with how i looked.  Now i just pop on my fab little bob hair style and i am out the door!  Now i get ready faster than my Husband :o)

Monday, 14 September 2009

Lulu O'Hagan

Just wanted to make sure you all checked out if you have not seen already Lulu O'Hagen's article in the Times. Lulu has Alopecia too and her story is fantastic. It is written like lots of diary entry's over the time her hair fell out. It brought back a lot of memories for me. My hair fell out such a long time ago that I sometimes find it hard to tell people about it cause I can’t remember!? Crazy as it sounds now. She is also in Top Sante magazine this month. Good to see another women with Alopecia speaking out!
She has some great tips on for any woman with Alopecia...


1. Try to keep the panic to a minimum - I would never say don't panic as it is impossible !
2. Book in with your doctors, so that they see the start of it.
3. Have all the relevant blood test checks. B12, Ferritin (stored iron), perimenopausal (if you are that kind of age), Thyroid.
4. Ask for a referral to a dermatologist - they also cover hair loss. They can usually give you an NHS presciption for wigs.
5. Go and see a Trichologist too - if you can afford it.
6. Allow yourself to grieve the loss of your hair even though it may come back.
7. Remember you are still you, on the planet, alive, even without hair.
8. Make sure you try NHS wig suggestions first - they are much better than you would think. They are sold in various shops. Mine was from a shop in Notting Hill, London, where Lily Allen gets hers! They last for around 3 months so give you time to breathe and think about other options.
9. If you choose real hair wigs - for long hair especially don't use Indian hair - they mat dreadfully, go for European/ American/ Chinese hair.
10. Always ask the salon what kind of hair they use!!


1. Turn into a panic-stricken headless chicken like I did!
2. Spend a fortune on supplements at the health shop.
3. Go to the first wig-making salon that look like they can help. Deep breaths and research first.
4. Feel guilty that you are so upset without being diagnosed with cancer. Cancer patients have written to me that facing losing their hair was almost worse than facing losing a breast. Each person is entitled to deal with such a shock in their own way.
5. Get too annoyed with people who say "wish I could just take off my hair and wash it", think of all the hairdressing bills you are saving" etc, etc. they are just trying to be positive / helpful!"

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Eye Lashes

Hello out there again. Just want to thank everyone for the continued support and for all the amazingly kind messages! I am so pleased that AOL posted my story on their website for even more of you to see.

I just recieved a fantastic offer from the bald girls do lunch! http://www.baldgirlsdolunch.org/ They are a fabulous bunch of women who have alopecia and encourage other women with alopecia to meet up and talk to each other. I have watched a few interviews with them and they are great fun.

Anyhow on to the offer that they told me about....

If you buy from falseeyelashesstore.com and use code BGDL at checkout they will give 15% off their already amazing prices. We're delighted to have this online store as one of our supporters because we really like their products and that they are an exceptional value. Some companies like to put the words :" for alopecia" in their marketing materials and charge three times the normal price. So we like to look for companies that are more fair and respectful.

I used to wear false eyelashes every day! I got such a good knack that i could put them on in seconds... i found the best eyelash glue that made them stay on all day and tried loads of different eye lashes and found some nice natural ones. The ones i wore were just some that i picked up from the local chemist. They would last me about a week. Blinkies also make some good eyelashes http://www.blinkiesonline.com/ . Some lashes can be a bit too much for eveyday so you just have to try a few different and see what works for you. Eyelashes can help to really transform the way that you look. So its fun to give them a go. see my free video clip


After a few years of wearing them everyday i just got fed up to be honest with you :o) and i started to be a bit lazy and not bother unless i was going out. I find that using a nice eyeliner is just as effective and much more comfortable. I get a little pot of eyeliner from http://www.bobbibrown.com and apply the liner neatly to add definition to my eye. Also http://www.cheryn.com/ is also a great website for make up products for women with alopecia. Cheryn does a great little demonstration video and i also go into great detail on my DVD as to how i apply my eye make up. But it's down to you how you would like to apply your own make up. It just takes lots of practice! Good luck and let me know if you need any further infomation.

Aimee xxx

Sunday, 6 September 2009

A week after the Daily Mail Article

So it has been about a week since my article in the Daily Mail came out... It has been rather busy!

My husband was driving me to work that morning and we popped into the shop to see if the article was in the Daily Mail... All I knew was that is was going to be in on a Tuesday. The Tuesday before was a no show so i was half expecting it not to be there until i saw my great big picture looking at me! Wow to say i was nervous going into work was an understatement. I sloped in and sat down thinking OMG everyone knows this big secret that i have been trying to cover up all this time and that feeling was extraordinary... It was actually quite envigorating! Throughout the day i was getting little messages from work collegues saying how amazing i was and brave. I felt much better and really felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders.

That evening i got home and opened up my e-mail and wow what a response! I had litiraly hundreds of supportive messages and instantly i knew that i had done the right thing. Messages from fellow women with Alopecia who had similar stories to me and people just offering their support, Radio show broadcasters inviting me on to their shows for a chat and even GMTV had been in touch! Earlier that day i felt a little exposed as all my work collegues knew this very intimate detail about me... i had no hair all over my body! But all those feelings had disapeared the minute my inbox went ping ping ping ping ping!!!

First of all i was called up by Talk Radio Europe
www.talkradioeurope.com Spain´s largest English speaking radio network, broadcasting to approx a million listeners. They rang me while i was in work and i ran outsite to talk... I work right next door to Manchester Airport and while i was talking on the radio planes kept flying over heat! What a nightmare.
Then i was talking to BBC Radio Leeds who rang me at about 10pm... this was much more relaxed as i was in my own home and could hear myself think!
Then i went into the BBC Studio in Manchester and was interviewed there by Heather Stott.... You can listen to this here...
I am on about half way through the show after Abba... It was so exciting being in the actual studio and Heather was great fun and so easy to talk to.
Hopefully i will be going on GMTV in the next few weeks and i am keeping everything crossed as i really feel like i am on a role now and i really dont want this awarness that i am creating to die down!

The next exciting part of the week was when the Marie Claire Article i was in came out. This came out on Thursday i think... well thats when i found it in my local Sainsburys! About 2 months before i had applied to an advert for a women with Alopecia to have a wig cut by none other than theeeee Trevor Sorbie! A Marie Claire jounalist and a photographer would be there to document all the on goings in the salon... They phoned me up and actually picked me! It was very exciting and i could not believe i was going to be in Marie Claire raising awareness for Alopecia.

I am guessing that next week I will not have quite such a high profile but the most important thing about the article is that i have got in touch with so many women with Alopecia! It has given me even more drive than i have ever had before to help and chat to you all about Alopecia Beauty Tips. What i would love is if we all get our tips together and put them all on this Blog!? As much as i have quite a few tricks up my sleeve i am sure you all have your own way of coping with Alopecia as much as i have.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Daily Mail

Hello Everyone!

You are probably reading this Blog of mine because you will have just read the article that was written about me in the Daily Mail today. I thought you might like to hear the story of how I ended up there!

I have had Alopecia since i was 12 years old and all the advise that i was ever offered on Alopecia was all doom and gloom! Soooo depressing. Over the years i have come to terms with Alopecia and got rather good at looking good with Alopecia. My Husband who is a huge inspiration to me and who constantly tells me how great i look suggested that i start a website giving other women with Alopecia tips on how i look good with Alopecia. Tips on wigs, make up and just general tips on life with Alopecia.

That was all about 6 months ago and in that time i have put together a great website with my Husbands help and filmed myself, with just little old me talking to the camera and revealing all my tips! It was a big job all by myself with all the editing it needed... lets just say i was not a natural to begin with! :o) But i got there in the end with a DVD that i am very proud of.

After i finished my Website and DVD my then boyfriend asked me to marry him and i started to plan my wedding! I now have a zillion other tips about how to look great for your wedding day that you can use for your wedding or just when you want to really look your absolute best!

My Story ended up in the Daily Mail because my Sister, who works in PR, was talking to a Journalist who was looking for a really inspirational piece and my sister told her all about my story and how i was setting up my website. So here i am!

I really hope that i have brought some great, fresh new awareness to Alopecia!

Please keep a look out for my Blog updates as i am sure that now this article is out i will be creating a lot more awareness.

Things i will be letting you know more about are...

My GMTV appearance
Being interview for Marie Clarie
Meeting Celebrity Hairdresser Trevor Sorbie and how he has given me an amazing hair cut from an inexpensive off the peg wig.
Being interviewed for BBC radio stations

Let me know if there is anything that you would like me to write about... I have had loads of questions about my wigs and i will go through in detail about the best wigs to buy whether you can spend £100 or £1000!

Will update again soon.

Aimee xx