Monday, 29 July 2013

Synthetic Wigs - Have I Been Converted!?

Over the past few years I have felt the real hair wigs that I have been wearing have started to deteriorate, so I started to look elsewhere. However, I came to across the same reoccurring problem time and time again with every wig route I went down.  The quality of the hair was amazing to start with but quickly became dry and very tangled after just a few months. I was so fed up of looking like I had just walked through a bush backwards.  I know if I went to London and paid through the roof or bought wigs from far and flung places I probably could get something better, but I have been there done that and I just want a wig solution that is straight forward.  No waiting for 6 months for it to be made, no issue with quality of the hair, no issue with it being cut badly, no spending hours looking after it and no travelling to the ends of the earth to purchase it.  What I wanted seemed completely unobtainable.

I have always been a bit of a snob about synthetic hair wigs and only ever wore them on holiday. I thought they did not look natural at all.  Yet when I started to look back at photos of me, it was my holiday pictures where my hair tended to look its best!

I have just had my second baby and I was in desperate need of a solution.  So I thought I would give a synthetic wig a try! I rang my local wig salon and told them what I was looking for style wise so they could order in everything I might like to try. Once the wigs arrived they called me up a week later and I made an appointment to try them on.  In my head I was thinking, it will just be a bit of fun and I will probably not buy one...  Once I tried them on I was so impressed!!  I was like a little child in a sweet shop.  They looked so fantastic, young, fun, and stylish!  I could not believe it.

So I have now purchased a short stylish graduated bob and have been wearing it for just over a month.  The only down side so far is that the ends have started to go slightly frizzy and I know synthetic wigs only tend to last 3/4 months.  I have already ordered some more from my wig salon to try on and I think while I am there they can smooth out some of the frizz so not a major problem.

I am intending to buy two every 6 months as I really love them that much.  Now I just keep thinking what style or colour will I choose next!?

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