Monday, 22 February 2010

Optima Hair Specialists – Pete Murtha

A few months ago I went to Optima Hair Specialists in Birmingham to have my head measured for 2 new wigs. That day I came away brimming with confidence that Pete Murtha and his team were going to make me the best wig I have ever worn.

This weekend I went to Birmingham just 3 months later to be fitted with my new wigs and I was not disappointed. Not in the slightest... In actual fact I was ecstatic!!

I have been wearing made to measure real hair wigs for over a decade and I have had some awful experiences. I know the difference between a good wig and a bad wig and Pete Murtha makes the best wigs in the world... I know cause I have worn nearly everything!

Over the years I have had problems with my wigs but I have just put up with them and been frustrated as I did not think there was an alternative. Problems such as hair becoming tangled and matted, the comfort of the base, the style and how it was cut, the thickness of the hair, the time a real hair wig took to order some times over 6 months! And above all the cost of the wigs I have been wearing over the years have cost me a fortune!! I have had so many problems that I have i have thought is it worth all this stress and trauma?? Will i ever get the Wig i really want?

I arrived on Saturday morning greeted by Pete and his team with such a warm reception. They are all great fun and just make the whole experience relaxed and enjoyable. I was taken up stairs and the stylist and I had a good chat about what hair style I wanted and we looked through some magazines to make sure we both understood each other... Then Pete showed me the hair and how silky smooth it was when I ran it through my fingers. I was excited already and it was not even on my head yet! Once I had the wig on the base felt so comfortable as it is so light and thin. After a minute or so that I forgot it was a wig... It truly felt almost like I had my own hair back again. It was quite emotional!

The stylist was a lovely young girl... Quite often older ladies have cut my wigs who don’t really know about the more fashionable hair styles, but this girl was really excited when I told her I wanted it young choppy with lots of short layers! She was in her element at being given the opportunity to give me a really fantastic fun hairstyle.

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Pete also works closely with the little princess trust to provide wigs for free to children with medical hair loss.

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  1. My friend had problem. He was smoking a lot and than he quit and was under lots of pressure and stress and his hair started falling off in patches. Doctor said it is alopecia ... my friend continued to smoke cigaretes and now his hair started to grow back .. I am not saying it is ok to smoke but I think if you feel under stress try to get out of it asap.