Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Exercising In Your Wig

One of the most common questions I get asked at the moment is….  

What do I do when I exercise in my wig?

So many of us (me included) do not feel comfortable to go without our wigs even when we exercise… although it would make life a whole lot easier and more comfortable!!  

In the past I have either set aside a wig just for exercising in… I have an old one that I do not use anymore or a synthetic style that can be quickly washed and the style dries quickly.  I make sure my exercise wig has a base that is not made with any polyurethane inside.  The polyurethane is the smooth shiny material inside your wig that you attach wig tape to or it grips to your skin.  This stuff makes my head so hot so I avoid anything like this.  I am trying to move away from this material all together but for now it is what is inside my favorite wigs.

I have been thinking of another option...  I have not tired it but you could get a wig that has an integrated head band section at the front.  It would be much cooler than a full wig and there would be no hair getting in your eyes.  I am tempted to give it a try...

I use to run first thing in the morning before work so it was much quieter and I felt more comfortable just wearing a head scarf or a hat in the winter.  I have not got any magical suggestions but just knowing that we are are all finding it difficult is kind of nice to know in a funny sort of way!? If anyone else has some suggestions that would help us all out it would be great to hear from you.

I would like to start running in my lunch hour at work, with a baby I no longer have time in before or after work... I can't help but worry about what I would do with my hair.  The main issue is that the hair I wear in work is very different to the hair I would run in and would be totally obvious to any colleagues passing me.  I tell myself off in my head... pull yourself together Aimee you are Mrs Alopecia Beauty Tips!  But it does not stop me from wanting to keep my look consistant.

I am about to be sent some samples from a company called iwig who make wigs with a material in the base that keeps your head cool and dry.  I am really excited about this and will keep you all informed if its any good.

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  1. Global Alopecia Mission GAM, sponsors page on their website, donates wigs.

  2. I found your article very interesting. I've never given it much thought, but I love your tips.

  3. Thanks Taryn - there are all sorts of obstacles that wig wearers need to over come and hopefully i can offer some advice or we can all just have a good old moan together!

    I do not exercise enough and i am very quick to blame wearing a wig... but it is probably because i am also a bit lazy :o)

  4. Hi, I just wrote in my blog about ways to anchor a wig while exercising. Don't want to be inappropriate, blog is called Alopecia Musings. Also, I have created a few items that I offer on my Etsy site that will help with exercising and wigs. Again, please forgive me if this is inappropriate!

    Linda Rieschel - Nini's Niche

  5. Hi Linda, Just checked out your blog and web site! Fantastic! I love some of the things you say in your blog. I have re posted some of them on my Facebook page.

  6. Hello. Ever since my problems with alopecia began seven years, I gained 25 pounds and blamed my wig for my inability to work out. Then, my brother suggested that I get treadmill and workout in the comfort of my home without worrying about a wig/head scarf/hat. I could not believe I hadn't thought of it before!!!! Now, I primarily workout at home and go on long walks when I feel like getting fresh air.

    BTW, your story and your blog has helped me cope with my alopecia. I love how positive you are!

  7. This article is extremely helpful for me. As i lost all most all my hair, so i feel very uncomfortable to go out without wearing my wig. Your tips are very useful for me. Thanks for sharing.

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  9. I have been in this state for 3 years from now, i am 22 years old now, and it started when i was 19 years old and still on my college days. at first it was just mild falling hair, and i just shrugged it off cuz i was really too blind about what was happening to me. Then after a few months my condition got worst, i was too busy in my school works it always happen that i forgot to eat meals, I had lacked of sleep and too stress with school stuffs. And then that was the time i started to noticed that my hair loss was no joke, i got worried because all the hair that falls out a lot was on the left side of my head. I started to scan my head to see if something is wrong and then i found out patches of patches. i was so worried and nervous to death that time.

    I was having a hard time balancing my school stuffs and my condition. I was crying my heart out why is this happening to me. I got scared of the outcome to this problem. I was really stress that time, i also have this feeling in my head that gets numb whenever i feel so tired and stress, thats the time i would know if my hair will falls out a lot. I was having hard time washing, drying and brushing my hair.

    we went to the dermatologist and have some treatment, they gave me clove cream and minoxidil 5% solution, to treat my patches and after a month i got worried cuz still no improvements, so i tried another way the, Injections of steroid into the bald patches of my scalp. It went really well cuz after a month or so my hair starting to grow. but still i have to maintain a good health habit. i have been taking vitamins, centrum complete. The other part of my head hairs are staring to grow because with the help of minoxidil 5%, yes it was lovely guyz it helps you a lot.

    i still have some hairloss but not the extent where i have to deal again with those patches.
    but this job of mine i got worried cuz my hair starting to fall out alot again, i am working night shift, being in front of the computer all night. guess i should have maintain a good eating habbit and a good rest too. i’ll start too eat healthy, rest well and don’t stress my life out.
    glad to know that you have created this blog for others to know more about treating this problem:) >>