Saturday, 27 November 2010

Exfoliation... I never knew!?

In all the years I have had Alopecia, I never realised just how important exfoliation was until I spoke to a very knowledgeable lady in the hairloss industry called Andrea Holden.

Me Looking Shocked!! :o)

You need to keep your head exfoliated daily with a gentle facial scrub to remove any dead skin cells.  If any hair does want to grow exfoliating means the hairs will not have to get through anything and will have more change of growth.  Also, while you are massaging the facial wash into your head you get blood circulating to the surface of the skin which boosts your hair follicles!

Another good reason to exfoliate your head is that it makes wig tape work better as your head will be squeaky clean and wig tape will cling to this.  If you wear a wig that is designed to cling to your head this will also make it cling so much more.  

My head has always had a slight greasy feel about it after a few hours after washing, which makes my wig slip!  So after I heard this I just wanted to run home and give my scalp a good deep exfoliation treatment! 

A great exfoliation product is from Lush called Mask of Magnaminty.  This used once a week will have your head in tip top condition! This is great for all skin types as it is really gentle...

This was recommended to me by Andrea Holden.  She is an expert in the hair replacement industry at the Hairoom salon. (

An interesting article I have found says below...

"A properly done scalp massage can increase blood circulation to the hair follicles, increase relaxation, decrease stress, condition the scalp, and boost the strength of the hair roots. The kneading pressure applied by massage warms the skin and opens up blood vessels to increase flow and boost circulation. Increased circulation means that the cells of the hair follicle will receive more of the nutrients necessary to optimal hair growth function. The rubbing motion promotes relaxation and feels good, thus increasing the production of "feel good" chemicals that work to lower levels of stress hormone in the body. Lower stress levels allow your organs to function more efficiently, thus boosting your hair follicle's ability to grow hair." (

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  1. Yes, exfoliation is really important!! It is in my routine:)