Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Lets start at the very beginning!

Hi just in case you have not seen my blog or website before i wanted to introduce myself!

My name is Aimee and I have had Alopecia Universalis for the past 15 years.  Over the past 3 years I have been offering help and advise to women who have lost their hair from alopecia by running my own website and Blog on how to look and feel great if you too have lost your hair to Alopecia. 

The reason I am so passionate about helping other women is because when I was a young girl growing up I felt like I was the only one with Alopecia.  The information available was purely medical, very depressing to read and left me with little hope.   So I decided to create a positive place for other young girls/women with alopecia to realise they are not alone.

My website is packed full of useful tips on how to look good and feel great.  Today the help and support that is out there is so much better than it was 15 years ago but often women do not know where to go to find it...  I just like to keep an eye on what is going on so I can let you know about great places to get wigs, make up and useful products and just keep you generally informed.  

My way of doing this is trying everything and giving you my point of view on it...  I want to encourage you to go out and try everything too!  Have fun with it and you will then find what works best for you.  There is no one right or wrong solution as we all have our many many differences.  So don’t be shy and try!!! :o)

I am huge fan of Semi Permanent Make Up as I truly believe this paired with a fantastic wig can really transform the way you look and give you back your confidence.  My confidence has improved dramatically in the last 3 years from helping other women with Alopecia... I feel this has helped me come to terms with my own condition and has made me really proud of who I am.  I still want to wear the best wigs and have the best Semi Permanent Make Up but I am not hiding behind these things.  I just like to look fabulous and be proud of who I am. 

I am currently training to become a Semi Permanent Make Up artist with the famous Karen Betts.  I would like to continue supporting women who have lost their hair by focusing my work on recreating eyebrows and eyeliner to bring back features that are lost when your eyebrows/eyelashes really thin out or like me completely fall out.  
It will be fantastic to get out and meet other women with Alopecia and to be able to offer such a life changing treatment.

I have been having the treatment done for years and I am always shocked by the price of it.   Semi Permanent Make Up and the cost of a good wig can really set you back.   I would like to help women by offering a really great price for my Semi Permanent Make Up.

Over the next couple of months I would like to tell you more about my training with Karen Betts so you will feel confident that you are in good hands if you choose to have treatment.

Please find below my website details and a short film on the training that I will have with Karen Betts and when i chatted to Lorraine Kelly on the sofa!

Please visit my website where you can see how my story has been in the Daily Mail, GMTV with Lorraine Kelly, Marie Claire and how i have worked with the little princess trust charity and Trevor Sorbies Charity 'My New Hair'


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