Tuesday, 1 December 2009

My New Hair Charity Launch - Trevor Sorbie

My New Hair Charity Launch

Last week was the Launch of the fantastic Charity My New Hair! I was invited to the Launch in London to represent Alopecia. I met some fantastic people....

LuLu O’Hagan, a stylist who also has Alopecia. We met up in London and went for some dinner and it was so lovely to meet someone else with Alopecia and talk about wigs and the problems we faced. We both had great tips that we could share with one another... I told her all about how to care for her wig as she was quite new to wearing one and she inspired me with how she did not hide behind her wig all the time and just put on a lovely woolie hat sometimes. As she is a stylist she also had some ideas on how I could apply my make up differently too.

Michele Chapman, who is the founder of Alopecia Awareness and helps anyone suffering from the effects of Alopecia. She was such an inspirational person and made me even more determined to get out there and help other women and young girls with alopecia. She has invited me to come and sit in some of her clinics that she works with and to the Browns wig company that she works with and designs wigs for!

Simon Tarplee, the founder of the charity Little Princess Trust. Simon Tarplee provides the best quality made to measure real hair wigs to children suffering from medical hair loss for free! This is such a wonderful charity and I was so excited about meeting Simon as I will be helping make a special DVD for the young girls and boys that the charity helps. Rather than just giving children a wonderful wig to take home with them the child will be given a wig and a DVD that tells them all about how to look after the wig with plenty of tips and lots of support.

The Launch was a fantastic success and Trevor Sorbie and Hilary Blackburn made us all feel very special! He made us all feel like celebrities for the evening and I came away feeling fabulous!

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