Tuesday, 8 December 2009

New Year, New Wig!

I have been wearing wigs since I was 16 years old and I have had so many kinds. I am 27 now so that is 10 years of wig wearing! I can’t quite believe it.

I am in the annoying stage of waiting for a new wig at the moment... My current hair is really not great and I don’t feel at my most confident... I am waiting for my new hair but there has been a typhoon in the Philippines so it has put a huge delay on my order. Sometimes I wonder if they are just fobbing me off with an excuse but I have looked into it and I do believe them this time. I don’t think it will get here until the new year now which I am upset about as for all my Christmas and new year celebrations I will be wearing my old wig.

I normally buy my wigs from Hudsons in Manchester. They are a sister company to Trendco who do provide great wigs. This time round I am buying a wig from an American company called Nu Hair Technology as I fancied a change and thought that the Americans might be able to do it better. So far I am not so sure as it has been a difficult and long process... Their wigs take 4-6 months to order which feels like forever! With them in New York and me in the UK communicating with them has not been easy. Since placing the order I have been talking with Optima hair specialist and Peter Murtha (who is the expert on all things wigs) and he has told me that his wigs take around 6 weeks to be made and he makes the most advance wigs on the market. He looked at my wig and told me it was pre historic! But still I am going to give Nu Hair Technology a chance and will let you know what it is like. If the result is amazing in don't mind waiting for it! I also buy off the peg synthetic wigs too for holidays and weekends when i am beeing lazy... The trouble with me is that I have a small head so in general I need to have them specially made as off the peg wigs are huge on me!

Once I get my wig it will arrive and I will need to take it somewhere to have it cut. I look like a mermaid to start off with as there is always so much hair! I always find it really nerve wracking having it cut. I wait such a long time to have it made and if the style is cut wrong it’s a disaster! My fringe is always something that I have to go back to the salon and have tweaked. Thankfully now Trevor Sorbie’s Charity “My New Hair” has a list of trusted salons I can take my wig to! Want to have a fun hair cut and cut loads out of it but I always hold back from anything too crazy as it is too much of a risk if I don’t end up liking it.

Once my hair is cut/styled and ready for wear there is one last hurdle to get past. New real hair wigs are always really puffy to start off with and they take a month I would say to calm down. The only way you can get them to calm down is by wearing them in and washing them.

So the thought of getting a new wig for me is exciting but at the same time something that can really stress me out. Especially if the wig that I am wearing is deteriorating really fast and I feel like I have hair loss all over again but in my wig! The lesson that i need to learn is to always keep at least 2 wigs in good condition so that if one is off being repaired then i have the other one to rely on. Still working on it!

Just wanted to share with you my wiggy issues as I am sure I am not the only person who goes through this stage.

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