Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Daily Mail Article – Young sisters who lost their hair cast off their wigs and go to school bald for the first time

Just wanted to draw your attention to an article in the Daily Mail today that is in the Health section.

In brief the story is about two young girls who are sisters who both have Alopecia. They have both had Alopecia since they were about five years old and this week they have both decided to go to school without their wigs. I am so proud of these little girls and admire their courage. What is even better is that Alopecia has once again hit the headlines making Alopecia even more known about. Now more and more people out there are going to know what Alopecia is. Considering 1 percent of the population will go through Alopecia at some stage in their life more people really do need to know about it.

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