Thursday, 1 October 2009

Alopecia Beauty Tips Top Ten

Ever since my article came out in the Daily Mail/Marie Clare last month and my apearance on GMTV with Lorraine Kelly i have had such a fantastic response from hundreds of women. I just wanted let you know how amazed i was at the number of women out there with Alopecia. Lorraine Kelly said that 1 millon women in the country are effected by Alopecia at some stage in their lives but i think that this could easily be more! I use to think that very few women had Alopecia but it turns out that i was very wrong.

Many of the women who have contacted me are amazing, they have found their own way of coping with alopecia and they have not let it take over their lives in a negative way at all!
Years ago the thought of going to an Alopecia awareness evening to chat to other women about alopecia was not something i would have wanted to do as i thought it would be lots of women being depressed about having alopecia. As i just wanted to get on with my live it was not somewhere i could imagaine my self going... but turns out i was very wrong again, these evenings were probably full of women who are positive and wanted to help other women who were recently suffering with the effects of alopecia.

I think that eventually we all find our own way of coping, but the people that i would like to help are the women who are new to our alopecia club and don't know where to turn or the 1st thing about wigs. Many of the women who have contacted me say they wish they had my website to turn to when they found out they had alopecia. My site is purly base on what i would have loved as a 15 year old girl as i was when Alopecia really started to play a big part in my life. Of course the website is for everyone but my experience has played a huge part in how i put it together.

I have responded to every single e-mail with as much infomation that i can think of but often i am asked the same questions so i am going to give you my top 5 answers to your most popular questions in all the e-mails that i have been sent....

Where did i get my wig from???

Oh wigs, wigs, wigs, they can be your bestfriend or worst enemy! haha. I've had 13 years experimenting with wigs so I think I've got quite a good eye at knowing what looks like a wig and how to make something unnatural look natural, I prefer that hint of 'bed-hair'.

Isn't it frustrating how much wigs costs? and that the nhs will only provide synthetic wigs. I find that for human hair wigs are very good because they are all handtied so I don't have to worry about hair moving a little to expose my scalp which can happen in left-weft/machine made wigs. HOWEVER because their prices have almost doubled you can get the same synthetic wigs at for under less than half the price! I also go on ebay but I'm dubious about the quality, but you can find some bargins.

The wigs i use on a daily basis really do cost so much.. My most recent purchase has been just over £2000 and what is worse is that it arrived and I was not happy with it so it has gone back to be re-made. I ordered it this time last year and I still don’t have it. Such a waiting game for a custom made wig but hopefully it will be worth it. I have bought this wig from Nu Hair Technology as they have a slightly different method than the wigs that I usually buy from Trendco. I normally buy the custom made ultra lights. They cost just under £2000 but this would be less if i got shorter hair. Also look out for autum sales... my wig salon Husons in manchester offer a buy one get one free every year! My wigs last a few years but every 6 months I send them in to have maintenance done on them... have more hair added and died as the colour will have lightened from the sunlight. I live in Manchester and because of my postcode I am not entitled to a real hair wig! If I lived 5 miles down the road I would but I like where I live. What to do!? I have a different wig for the gym and holidays too as bad to do all the straightening and washing too often... I try to just wash my hair main hair once a week to extend the life and I never sleep in them. Dry shampoo in a can is great for just improving the fringe and just giving you one more wear out of it.

As I said the 1st wig I had was really awful and put me off synthetic wigs for many years and I thought that the only option for me was to spend large amount of money on my wigs... I have recently found out that this is not the case and in fact some synthetic wigs are really fantastic. Especially for holidays as they just dry in the style that they are made into. It was a life saver on my month long honeymoon where were travelled around the world. My real hair custom made wigs require all the faff of styling and drying them. When I was younger and had more time as a single lady I would be happy to spend the evening beautifying myself but now as a married lady with a husband and a dog to run around after I have less time for myself, so these wigs are very appealing!

Now that Trevor Sorbie is training hairdressers to style wigs you will be able to get that really tailored look from a much cheaper synthetic off the peg wig. Please see my article in Marie Claire ... I went to the Trevor Sorbie salon in London and he cut a cute little bob for me out of an off the peg synthetic wig and it looked fantastic! I am more use to the customised fit of an ultra light type of wig but it was still so much fun trying lots of different styles on. I had a ball! The article is about how Trevor Sorbie offers this service to women who wear wigs. I will keep you up dated as to what Trevor is doing and you can see for yourselfs by looking at

The next wig on my shopping list is the vital wig by Trendco

Vital Hair is the latest addition to our custom made range and is the new generation of hair. Vital stands for Vitality, Innovation, Touch & Feel, Accuracy, and Longevity. It is a revolutionary product which looks feels and behaves just like real hair with all the benefits of artificial hair. Like real hair with Vital Hair you can swim, shower and sauna, wash, blow dry and heat style. Unlike real hair Vital Hair is durable, soft, colour constant and easy to care for, its stronger, lighter and more heat resistant than real hair. The unique quality of Vital Hair is that once you have created the hair-style you want it will stay that way no matter how many times you wash it! As with all our custom made pieces Vital Hair is specially designed just for you.

This sounds too good to be true but will let you know when or if i buy it.

Right that is all i can think of about wigs at the moment... The next blog will be about eyelashes!
Will post this tomorrow though as i need to go to sleep.
Aimee xxx


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