Saturday, 17 October 2009

Fab New Beauty Tips

With the beauty tips i tell you about you are in complete control over how you look and they will always work for you. Hairloss is never easy, but it doesn’t have to destroy your life. I tend to try and always look on the positive side of things, ie…I never have to wax or shave! Some of my friends spend £100's removing facial hair...

My 1st tip - Get rid of any preconceived ideas that you have of wigs as they really are fantastic these days! Seriously... i have wigs that range from £60 to £2000 and they all have their benefits. Now you can buy a wig and have your wig cut by a stylist to suit your face shape and it looks so natural and gorgeous. If you are new to wearing a wig i would just start by wearing one for a few hours at a time and build up to wearing it all day... Eventually you get use to it being there and you do not notice it.

My 2nd tip - Experiment with make up. If like me you have lost your eyebrows and eyelashes don't worry... You can draw in your eyebrows and use lovely eyeliners to create fantastic effects! I dont bother with false eyelashes anymore as they are too time consuming. When i was younger and had more time i wore them everyday. Or you could have Semi Permanent Make-up... This is really fantastic and can save so much time in the morning. My semi permanent make up starts to fade after a year so i like to have it topped up to keep it fresh looking.

My 3rd tip is how to keep your wig tangle free. My hair tangles most at the nape of the neck... i make sure that when i order a human hair wig that i get european hair as this is the best quality, When i am wearing a synthetic wig i keep it away from heat (watch out for patio heaters in the summer!) I do not sleep in my hair but if you need to i suggest sleeping in a old wig that you don't really use anymore. When i wash my real hair wigs i use luke warm water, try to leave my hair to dry naturally, then just run my hair straightners over quickly to get rid of any frizz.

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