Friday, 16 October 2009

My New Hair Trevor Sorbie

This weekend I am going to London to help the organisation ‘My New Hair’ make a DVD that brings awareness to this pioneering new charity, headed up by Trevor Sorbie.
I will let you know all about how I got on next week!

'My New Hair' helps women with hair loss and provides support, helping them to get a professional wig personalised just for them.

They can:

• Offer advice on choosing a wig.
• Help you choose the right wig for you.
• Find your most local My New Hair salon.
• Provide you with a wig personalisation service.
• Offer you support and aftercare.

Their promise is to make the service accessible to people across the UK and long term, across the world. Many stylists share in this belief and want to help overcome the preconceptions around wearing a wig. It is there ultimate goal to make this a part of the best standard of care available to people with medical hair loss. They are working nationally to achieve this aim with healthcare organisations and other charitable initiatives.

Their aim over the next 3 years is to connect with over 400 salons across the country.

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