Thursday, 8 October 2009

GMTV Interview with Lorraine Kelly and my 2nd Top Tip on Semi Permanent Make-Up

The second question that I get asked most in your e-mails is “where did I get my Semi Permanent Make-Up done” Well......!

I was recently asked about Semi Permanent Make-Up by Lorraine Kelly when I was on GMTV. You can see the you tube video of this if you click on the link below... Lorraine was admiring my natural looking brows so I told her all about them.

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I use to spend ages getting ready every morning.... I had to draw in my eyebrows and put thick eyeliner on to add the much needed definition to my eyes... Most of time time I got them looking right the 1st time and I would be off out the door with all the practice I had, but it would be always when I was in a hurry that one eye would look perfect and the other would look so wrong! Also the amount of times I have poked myself in the eye with my liner brush cause I was rushing was too many to count and I would worry about touching my face throughout the day in case I smudged my make up. Something had to be done!

My 1st shot at semi permanent make up was with my wig company Hudsons in Manchester. The lady who provided the service also worked with the wigs too so basically she did not do it that often so was a bit unpractised. She was very neat but it look ages while she tattooed each individual hair into my skin... Yes OUCH! 2nd time I found a salon where she was a bit more use to doing it but I had to travel quite far to go and see her. At the time I was using the company Razzar and thought that they were the only people who did semi permanent make up who I could trust. When you have tattoos done on your face you don’t want to take the risk. I went there for a few years and in that time Semi Permanent make up really took off... The good news is now you can get it done in loads of place!. ‘Micro Pigmentation’ is fast becoming the must have treatment for the Millenium, not just for people with Alopecia, it can also be used to camouflage scars and also everyday women like to have make up when they wake up to defining brows eyes and lips.

As the service was now far more popular I thought there must be somewhere closer to have this done.... So I did a bit of research and found a lady called Gail Proudman. Turns out that she travels around the country teaching people how to do semi permanent make-up so that they can perform this beauty treatment in their own salons. Gail was doing semi permanent make-up day so I thought she must be good! My experience of her was that she was so lovely, fast, painless (helped by the anaesthetic!) and provided fantastic results.

As eyebrows are suppose to have a natural hairy look about them Gail would just quickly tattoo lots of little hairs that gave them such a realistic effect.
As my trust in Gail was sky high I decided to go for it with the tattoo eyeliner. This really was the bain of my life putting on eyeliner every morning still and I really felt I looked awful with out that definition around my eyes. I had poked my self in the eye one too many times so I went for it! I was really scared and I thought that it was going to be the most painful thing ever but it was not too bad! She had a great technique of pulling my eye really tight while I held my eyes closed. She also uses anaesthetics here too which really numb the eye lid and help with any discomfort. I wont lie to you... I really did look like I had been crying for hours afterwards... My lids really swelled up but oh my god it is totally worth it! I love my eyeliner its amazing. I think that if my hair grew back I would still have it done as it just look fantastic and you don’t need to waste you time in the morning with make up. I tend to add a little bit more eyeliner to my eyes for a more dramatic effect and after a few 6 months I use a bit of eye pencil too as it starts to fade a little. I think a top up once every 9months to a year is probably what you need.

The procedure can be expensive... Eyebrow are about £300 and the eyeliner is about £250. Gail will give you a discount thought if you go keep going back to her though which is really helpful.

Hopefully this will really help some of you out!

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