Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Semi Permanent Make Up (SPMU)

Last week I went to have my Semi Permanent Make Up topped up. I have done this every year for the past 5 years to keep it looking fresh.  Here are all the Before, During and after pictures...
You can see how light the old SPMU has become
which is why i am having it topped up.

I love my Semi Permanent Make Up as it has completely changed my life.  My Alopecia got a lot worse about 5 years ago and I lost both my eyebrows and all my eyelashes.  I hated the blank expressionless look on my face and felt like i had to put make up on as soon as i got up to make me feel like me...   It use to take me so long to get ready in the morning...  Drawing on my eyebrows, eyeliner and applying false lashes... as well as dealing with a wig too!  It felt like such a mission to get up and out the house! 

Sometimes I really did not feel like putting any make up on after days and days of layering eyeliner onto my eyes but for me to feel and look like me I would have to do it.   

Semi Permanent Make Up gives me so much freedom... knowing that my eyebrows are there no matter what gives me so much confidence and the eyeliner is so great that i don't need to wear false eyelashes anymore.  I save my false lashes for a night out or special occasion.   All i need to do now is put a little bit of eyeliner along the waterline of my eye as you can not tattoo this and i am all done!

You can see the individual hairs here and my eyeliner...
My eyelids are a little swollen from the eyeliner
being applied but it is not that painful.. No really it's not!!
I am such a believer in Semi Permanent Make Up that I am going to train to become a Semi Permanent Make Up Artist!

I would like to specialise in creating natural eyebrows and eyeliner for people with Alopecia.  I will be able to create the tiny little hairs that makes Semi Permanent Make Up look so realistic when applied in this great way.  

It will also give me to opportunity to meet more people with Alopecia and offer my support... 

If you would like to have Semi Permanent Make Up applied please let me know as I will be able to recommend someone in your area.  It is really important that you get the right person to apply your make up to get the best results. 

Please visit my website www.alopeciabeautytips.com where you can see how my story has been in the Daily Mail, GMTV with Lorraine Kelly, Marie Claire and how i have worked with the little princess trust charity and Trevor Sorbies Charity 'My New Hair'


  1. Message from Trevor Sorbie...

    Hair loss from chemotherapy and alopecia can be total and may include the eyebrows and eyelashes. While a wig will help clients to feel more like their old selves there is another answer to the question of facial hair loss – semi-permanent make-up. Micropigmentation is a method of laying tiny colour particles beneath the skin and the results will last from 1 – 3 years.

    Technicians can successfully define eyes and create natural looking brows with this lasting solution. The treatments take as little as half an hour and will help hair loss sufferers create the illusion of lashes and eyebrows without the need to constantly reapply make-up.

  2. WOW your eyebrows look so real, it's amazing how they can make it look like real hair.

  3. It’s good to know how simple undergoing cosmetic procedure can change your life, despite your condition. It’s definitely a confidence booster! Now you can walk on the streets with your head held high, without having to worry if you forgot to put your falsies on. Cheers!

    Eleonore Zetrenne