Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Wigs Have Their Advantages - Top Ten Advantages to Wearing a Wig...

I have taken it on myself to cycle to work over the past few months, but it has taken some time to sort out my morning routine!

I have been using one of my old wigs to cycle in and then when I get into work I sneak up the stairs hoping not to be spotted by any of my work colleges for a quick shower and change into my fresh clean wig... Brilliant!

This got me thinking what other advantages are there to wearing a wig?

1. They make you feel really confident;

2. have a few on the go so your hair always looks it’s best;

3.  try different styles without worrying if the style will suit you;

4. take your hair off and style it on a mannequins head and get the back perfectly straight or curled;

5. have loads of different styles.. Long for the weekend and short for being practical at work;

6. You don’t really ever have a bad hair day;

7. If you use synthetic wigs they remember your style after washing so they dry perfect looking;

8. You don’t need to have monthly trims.. Once it is cut it’s cut think of the money you save!

9. It does not really get greasy... You only really need to wash your wig once a week;

10. You can save your best hair for special occasions and have an old wig for going to the gym or doing house chores.

If you can think of any others that I have missed let me know! I was thinking about getting a wig that is glued on all the time and then I thought hang on a minute!! Miss out on all those advantages?? No thanks!

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  1. Thanks for putting a positive spin on having to wear a wig. Sometimes I feel upset thinking about how much I wish I had my real hair, but you made me think of some of the perks of wearing a wig :-)

  2. I am so pleased that you liked my blog post. Wigs really can be quite useful some times! I am thinking of getting a platinum blond wig soon... only for fun. I would never be brave enough to try that on my own hair if i had any! xx

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