Sunday, 6 September 2009

A week after the Daily Mail Article

So it has been about a week since my article in the Daily Mail came out... It has been rather busy!

My husband was driving me to work that morning and we popped into the shop to see if the article was in the Daily Mail... All I knew was that is was going to be in on a Tuesday. The Tuesday before was a no show so i was half expecting it not to be there until i saw my great big picture looking at me! Wow to say i was nervous going into work was an understatement. I sloped in and sat down thinking OMG everyone knows this big secret that i have been trying to cover up all this time and that feeling was extraordinary... It was actually quite envigorating! Throughout the day i was getting little messages from work collegues saying how amazing i was and brave. I felt much better and really felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders.

That evening i got home and opened up my e-mail and wow what a response! I had litiraly hundreds of supportive messages and instantly i knew that i had done the right thing. Messages from fellow women with Alopecia who had similar stories to me and people just offering their support, Radio show broadcasters inviting me on to their shows for a chat and even GMTV had been in touch! Earlier that day i felt a little exposed as all my work collegues knew this very intimate detail about me... i had no hair all over my body! But all those feelings had disapeared the minute my inbox went ping ping ping ping ping!!!

First of all i was called up by Talk Radio Europe Spain´s largest English speaking radio network, broadcasting to approx a million listeners. They rang me while i was in work and i ran outsite to talk... I work right next door to Manchester Airport and while i was talking on the radio planes kept flying over heat! What a nightmare.
Then i was talking to BBC Radio Leeds who rang me at about 10pm... this was much more relaxed as i was in my own home and could hear myself think!
Then i went into the BBC Studio in Manchester and was interviewed there by Heather Stott.... You can listen to this here...
I am on about half way through the show after Abba... It was so exciting being in the actual studio and Heather was great fun and so easy to talk to.
Hopefully i will be going on GMTV in the next few weeks and i am keeping everything crossed as i really feel like i am on a role now and i really dont want this awarness that i am creating to die down!

The next exciting part of the week was when the Marie Claire Article i was in came out. This came out on Thursday i think... well thats when i found it in my local Sainsburys! About 2 months before i had applied to an advert for a women with Alopecia to have a wig cut by none other than theeeee Trevor Sorbie! A Marie Claire jounalist and a photographer would be there to document all the on goings in the salon... They phoned me up and actually picked me! It was very exciting and i could not believe i was going to be in Marie Claire raising awareness for Alopecia.

I am guessing that next week I will not have quite such a high profile but the most important thing about the article is that i have got in touch with so many women with Alopecia! It has given me even more drive than i have ever had before to help and chat to you all about Alopecia Beauty Tips. What i would love is if we all get our tips together and put them all on this Blog!? As much as i have quite a few tricks up my sleeve i am sure you all have your own way of coping with Alopecia as much as i have.

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