Friday, 25 September 2009

Wig Worries

Over the years i have been able to cope with lots of wig associated problems... Roller Coster rides, big gusts of wind, driving along in a convertible car...  The answer to these problems has been wig tape!  I have gone through rolls and rolls of the stuff over the years as i never ever wanted to have an embarrassing moment of chasing after my wig down the street!  I read a story about that happening to one women and i vowed right then and there, that second ,that it would never ever happen to me.  So far so good!

Other wig related problems that i have come across are oh god the telling people that you wear a wig... Even if i am fine with the situation it is very difficult just saying one day to a friend who you have had a few hair related conversations with that you quickly change the subject on!  By the way i wear a wig cause i have alopecia.  Not the easiest thing to drop into conversation.  Sometimes i wish i just said right from the beginning.  The longer you go on the harder it is to tell someone.  Its a tricky one.  My way was going on a national newspaper... now everyone knows for now and it feels great.  But in life i am always going to be faced with when to tell new friends that i make.  The issue that i have is that because i wear such a fantastic wig, people would never know so that choice of telling people is up to you.  The most worrying person off all to tell is a love interest!  You think they are just going to get up and run away from you but i can honestly say that the reaction from guys has always been great.  People always think of the worst that could happen in these situations but the most likely situation is that they will just admire you for this hard thing you have had to go through.  But also chose to tell people after a few dates first! :o)

The other wig problems i have had over the years is going on a beach holiday or even just a city break holiday!  At home i have my getting ready routine down to a fine art but taking that routine to a hotel room can sometimes be a right pain.  That matched with a sandy beach and sizzling temperatures can be a bit daunting.  You don't want to spend half your holiday in the hotel room getting ready either... enjoy yourself!  Have a week or two off from the beauty routine.   So you have a few options.  You are in a foreign country no-one knows you.  You could a. get your head out in the sun and be free of your wig.  or b. ( this is my option cause i prefer to wear a wig)  Get yourself some holiday hair!   Leave your expensive hair real hair wig at home and get yourself an off the peg synthetic wig that when you wash it remembers the style.  It dries in minutes!  I go for the really short Posh Becks doo, get myself some big stylish sunglasses and that is all you need.  I keep a can of cooling spray in my hand bag that i can spray on my head if needed (Magicool is a really good make that you can pick up from Boots).  Also to make life even easier i have semi permanent make up for my eyebrows and eyeliner. This is great for saving so much time for holidays and everyday life!
 For years i have messed about with taking my real hair wigs on holiday and wasted so much time and been so unhappy with how i looked.  Now i just pop on my fab little bob hair style and i am out the door!  Now i get ready faster than my Husband :o)

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