Tuesday, 29 September 2009

GMTV with Lorraine Kelly - Bad Hair Day!

If you had told me just over 24 hours ago that this morning i would be sat on the GMTV sofa with Lorraine Kelly i would not have believed you.  At about 10 am yesterday morning i got a phone call asking me to come on the show to raise awareness for Alopecia.  To say that i was excited would be an understatement! The show would be talking about Bad Hair Day....
Bad Hair Day urges the UK to be brave for one day of the year, September 29th, and go out into the world with Bad Hair in an effort to raise awareness for Alopecia.

Bad Hair Day is the first national day of awareness for the condition Alopecia.

Taking place during Alopecia Awareness Month, September 29th will
see thousands of people in the UK forget their daily routine of styling
their hair in the morning and go out into the world with Bad Hair.

How we as human beings wear our hair is representative of our 
individuality, our personality, and ultimately our identity. How would
you feel if that was taken away from you?

By participating in a Bad Hair Day, you are helping to raise awareness
for Alopecia - thinking about those who do not have the option to 
style their hair in the morning, those of us who the term 'bad hair day'
means something a lot more personal and emotional.

So, put down the hairbrush, walk away from the wax, and drop those
GHD's for BHD 2009 - do you dare to have bad hair?

I got the train to London that afternoon and was put up in a lovely hotel and even had a driver waiting for me at the train station!  So far GMTV were making me feel very special.

Everyone kept asking me if i was nervous but i was more worried about what i was going to wear in front of millions of viewers...  I could talk about Alopecia for hours and hours as i feel i have such a lot to say.  I have been working on my Alopecia Beauty Tips website for over 6 months and its a subject that i am hugely passionate about and i knew i would not be short of a few things to say! However i was nervous as i felt a great sense of responsibility to do all the millions of people who have alopecia proud of what i said on the show and proud of what i brought to Alopecia Awareness and Bad Hair Day.

Lorraine says to me "you don't usually let people see you without your wig do you?"  I said "No, I am not ashamed of Alopecia but i prefer to wear a wig as i don't want Alopecia to define who i am, but as today is Bad Hair Day i want to show the world the real me and help bring positive awareness to help other young women like me".  While saying this i took off my wig in front of the cameras!  Everyone was very excited and said how beautiful i was with and without my wig.  It was a very invigorating moment!


  1. Excellent work I would take my hat off to you but my head would get cold. I like you have had alopcia since I was 11 I am now 45, I would love to get involved with your work as I have lots of ideas and experience my e mail is hairfairy.tracy@yahoo.com. Good luck with what your doing and hope to hear from you. Tracy x x

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