Monday, 14 September 2009

Lulu O'Hagan

Just wanted to make sure you all checked out if you have not seen already Lulu O'Hagen's article in the Times. Lulu has Alopecia too and her story is fantastic. It is written like lots of diary entry's over the time her hair fell out. It brought back a lot of memories for me. My hair fell out such a long time ago that I sometimes find it hard to tell people about it cause I can’t remember!? Crazy as it sounds now. She is also in Top Sante magazine this month. Good to see another women with Alopecia speaking out!
She has some great tips on for any woman with Alopecia...


1. Try to keep the panic to a minimum - I would never say don't panic as it is impossible !
2. Book in with your doctors, so that they see the start of it.
3. Have all the relevant blood test checks. B12, Ferritin (stored iron), perimenopausal (if you are that kind of age), Thyroid.
4. Ask for a referral to a dermatologist - they also cover hair loss. They can usually give you an NHS presciption for wigs.
5. Go and see a Trichologist too - if you can afford it.
6. Allow yourself to grieve the loss of your hair even though it may come back.
7. Remember you are still you, on the planet, alive, even without hair.
8. Make sure you try NHS wig suggestions first - they are much better than you would think. They are sold in various shops. Mine was from a shop in Notting Hill, London, where Lily Allen gets hers! They last for around 3 months so give you time to breathe and think about other options.
9. If you choose real hair wigs - for long hair especially don't use Indian hair - they mat dreadfully, go for European/ American/ Chinese hair.
10. Always ask the salon what kind of hair they use!!


1. Turn into a panic-stricken headless chicken like I did!
2. Spend a fortune on supplements at the health shop.
3. Go to the first wig-making salon that look like they can help. Deep breaths and research first.
4. Feel guilty that you are so upset without being diagnosed with cancer. Cancer patients have written to me that facing losing their hair was almost worse than facing losing a breast. Each person is entitled to deal with such a shock in their own way.
5. Get too annoyed with people who say "wish I could just take off my hair and wash it", think of all the hairdressing bills you are saving" etc, etc. they are just trying to be positive / helpful!"

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