Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Daily Mail

Hello Everyone!

You are probably reading this Blog of mine because you will have just read the article that was written about me in the Daily Mail today. I thought you might like to hear the story of how I ended up there!

I have had Alopecia since i was 12 years old and all the advise that i was ever offered on Alopecia was all doom and gloom! Soooo depressing. Over the years i have come to terms with Alopecia and got rather good at looking good with Alopecia. My Husband who is a huge inspiration to me and who constantly tells me how great i look suggested that i start a website giving other women with Alopecia tips on how i look good with Alopecia. Tips on wigs, make up and just general tips on life with Alopecia.

That was all about 6 months ago and in that time i have put together a great website with my Husbands help and filmed myself, with just little old me talking to the camera and revealing all my tips! It was a big job all by myself with all the editing it needed... lets just say i was not a natural to begin with! :o) But i got there in the end with a DVD that i am very proud of.

After i finished my Website and DVD my then boyfriend asked me to marry him and i started to plan my wedding! I now have a zillion other tips about how to look great for your wedding day that you can use for your wedding or just when you want to really look your absolute best!

My Story ended up in the Daily Mail because my Sister, who works in PR, was talking to a Journalist who was looking for a really inspirational piece and my sister told her all about my story and how i was setting up my website. So here i am!

I really hope that i have brought some great, fresh new awareness to Alopecia!

Please keep a look out for my Blog updates as i am sure that now this article is out i will be creating a lot more awareness.

Things i will be letting you know more about are...

My GMTV appearance
Being interview for Marie Clarie
Meeting Celebrity Hairdresser Trevor Sorbie and how he has given me an amazing hair cut from an inexpensive off the peg wig.
Being interviewed for BBC radio stations

Let me know if there is anything that you would like me to write about... I have had loads of questions about my wigs and i will go through in detail about the best wigs to buy whether you can spend £100 or £1000!

Will update again soon.

Aimee xx

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