Sunday, 13 September 2009

Eye Lashes

Hello out there again. Just want to thank everyone for the continued support and for all the amazingly kind messages! I am so pleased that AOL posted my story on their website for even more of you to see.

I just recieved a fantastic offer from the bald girls do lunch! They are a fabulous bunch of women who have alopecia and encourage other women with alopecia to meet up and talk to each other. I have watched a few interviews with them and they are great fun.

Anyhow on to the offer that they told me about....

If you buy from and use code BGDL at checkout they will give 15% off their already amazing prices. We're delighted to have this online store as one of our supporters because we really like their products and that they are an exceptional value. Some companies like to put the words :" for alopecia" in their marketing materials and charge three times the normal price. So we like to look for companies that are more fair and respectful.

I used to wear false eyelashes every day! I got such a good knack that i could put them on in seconds... i found the best eyelash glue that made them stay on all day and tried loads of different eye lashes and found some nice natural ones. The ones i wore were just some that i picked up from the local chemist. They would last me about a week. Blinkies also make some good eyelashes . Some lashes can be a bit too much for eveyday so you just have to try a few different and see what works for you. Eyelashes can help to really transform the way that you look. So its fun to give them a go. see my free video clip

After a few years of wearing them everyday i just got fed up to be honest with you :o) and i started to be a bit lazy and not bother unless i was going out. I find that using a nice eyeliner is just as effective and much more comfortable. I get a little pot of eyeliner from and apply the liner neatly to add definition to my eye. Also is also a great website for make up products for women with alopecia. Cheryn does a great little demonstration video and i also go into great detail on my DVD as to how i apply my eye make up. But it's down to you how you would like to apply your own make up. It just takes lots of practice! Good luck and let me know if you need any further infomation.

Aimee xxx

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